Johnson & Johnson .. What is the effectiveness of the mutated Delta?


In its announcement, the company relied on an analysis that was conducted on a small number of participants, and it has not yet been reviewed by an external party, while the company did not give a specific number.

According to the science website, Science Live, the announcement:Johnson & Johnson“Provides a barrier for the United States against new contaminants, along with vaccines Pfizer AndModerna.

and discovered a mutantDelta” at India In October 2020, I rated it World Health Organization It was a concern last May.

Currently, it represents about 90 percent of diagnosed cases in a country such as Britain, and about 20 percent of cases in the United States.

Previous studies had reduced the effectiveness of a number of vaccines against this impostor. In Britain, the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine was reduced to 88 percent, after it was at 95 percent.

The effectiveness of the vaccine has declined Oxford AstraZeneca to 60 percent, down from 92 percent.

Since the Moderna vaccine is close to the composition of the Vaez vaccine, it may provide similar protection against “Delta”, but much is not known about the performance of the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine, which is given in a single dose.

Johnson & Johnson’s data is based on two separate analyzes, the first was data from eight participants in the third phase of the company’s experiment, and it was found that the vaccine produces antibodies that interact with the virus and inactivate it, including the “delta” converter.

As for the second analysis, it was conducted by researchers at a medical center in Boston, USA, where it analyzed the data of 20 participants who were used in clinical trials to test the vaccine.

Johnson & Johnson says that its vaccine protects the person for at least 8 months, and generates antibodies that can counter the new strains, including the “Delta” contaminant.


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