It was received by the frequency of the new Batout channel on Nilesat 2021, the last July update


Al-Batout channel is the latest children’s channel on Nilesat, which was launched a few months ago, and this channel has achieved many notorious successes after showing many of the favorite cartoons for children in the Arab world. Especially Egypt, and therefore today on Nilesat we asked a lot about the frequency of the Al-Batout channel for children to watch cartoons, and the Al-Batout channel was distinguished by many, not only children, but also young people, and the elderly love to watch these children’s channels and what distinguishes them from others Al-Batout channel with dubbing in the Egyptian dialect.

The Batout channel is one of the most important channels on the Nilesat satellite, and therefore we at Al Bayan News are interested in publishing all the news about the Batout channel and about the frequencies of the Nilesat satellite in general.
We offer you the frequency of the Batout HD channel. You can download the frequency of the Batouti channel, Batoot, as they say in the Arabic language. From here, you will find below the frequency of the new Batout channel 2021 in the table that we will leave you to at the bottom

Batout channel is one of the most searched channels on the internet. Many Arabic speakers search for the frequency of Batout channel because it shows the works of the talking duck who speaks in a beautiful and strange voice that many like.

The frequency of the Al-Batout channel on Nilesat

Al-Batout channel is open to all viewers in the world of Nilesat viewers, the channel works with SD technology and therefore can be received on all receivers, whether normal or high-definition, and there is no other frequency on the Al-Batout channel. Other satellites such as Arabsat, Yahsat or other satellites.

What films does Battout Kids TV show on Nilesat?

After showing the frequency of the Batout Kids channel on Nilesat, we now show the most important programs offered by the Batout channel to the stars of Egypt on Nilesat, where the channel shows many cartoons that many children in Egypt knew throughout the day. Aladdin cartoon is like the cartoon The Lion King and the main thing that distinguishes Al-Batout channel so far is the absence of advertisements and this always happens at the beginning of any channel because the demand for advertising broadcasts knowing that Al-Batout channel broadcasts begins. On August 28, 2019 low at first, finally after loading the frequency of the Batout Kids channel, you can now enjoy watching the channel.

  • Nilesat satellite.
  • The network frequency of the channel is set to 11594
  • The polarization is vertical.
  • Error correction factor 7/8
  • Encoding rate 27500


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