It is unlikely that an Israeli aggression against Lebanon will occur, and America’s decision to extend the state of emergency will not change the equation


Member of the “Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc, MP Ibrahim al-Moussawi, considered that “Washington’s policy towards Lebanon is an aggressive policy, arrogance, and the exploitation of an agent with two standards. I think that there is an exaggerated attempt by America to reassure Israel, especially what is happening in Lebanon.” The nuclear agreement, after I told him that it is one of the American strategies that Israel cannot object to.”

During a television interview, he saw that “the American decision to extend the national state of emergency towards Lebanon for another year, will not defeat anyone and will not change the equation, and the axis of resistance is fixed and will not succumb to pressure.” He continued, “They talk about undermining Lebanese sovereignty while they supply the occupying, usurping enemy of Palestine and parts of Lebanon and Syria with the latest types of weapons, and they want to ensure its superiority over the so-called Arab armies combined. Some governments and resistance movements.

He stressed that “the recent Israeli threats to Lebanon do not affect the resistance, but rather show fear of the capabilities of this resistance, and aim to blackmail more American aid.” He explained that “it is unlikely that an Israeli aggression against Lebanon will occur, because Israel does not bear the cost, but the resistance is ready to repel any aggression, and it has the right to defend Lebanon.”


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