It is unfair that a coin determines your destiny in “Euro 2020”


Yesterday, Italy booked a place in the final of the European Nations Cup “Euro 2020”, by defeating Spain on penalties, in the semi-finals, at Wembley Stadium.

Although two days have passed since the exit, Barcelona and Spain defender Gerard Pique believes that Italy was superior to “La Roja” when they started penalty kicks, and won “coins”.

The Spanish defender wrote on Twitter: “It is no coincidence that in 4 matches during the Euro 2020 and Copa America the teams that started the penalty shootout won.”

“The stats are that whoever starts has more options, and in a tournament like this it doesn’t seem fair to me that throwing a coin gets you started,” he explains.

The penalty shootout ended in favor of the Italians, with a 4-2 score over Spain.


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