Is it possible to get infected with Corona virus after receiving the second dose of the vaccine? – the seventh day


07/19 02:37

A report published on the Express website revealed the possibility of infection with the Corona virus after receiving the second dose of virus vaccines, as it is now estimated that more than 87% of adults have received at least one dose, while 66% of adults have now received vaccinations. In the UK, the vaccine is effective even as the virus mutates, so getting the doses provides protection against coronavirus.

Experts explained that there are some reports that people continue to be infected with the Corona virus, despite taking the second dose of the vaccine, some people are still susceptible to infection even after receiving a double dose, but despite that, the vaccine gives you protection from severe complications of viral infection that some infected people may have. To enter the hospital to receive the necessary aid to alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

The report stated that some cases that had received full doses of the vaccine were recorded, but were also infected with the coronavirus, a few weeks after receiving the second dose, especially in light of the rapid spread of the delta variant that began in India and moved to various countries of the world in a short period. .

The report indicated that the cases infected with the virus after receiving full doses of Corona vaccines suffered only from mild symptoms similar to the symptoms of influenza, which disappeared after several days, which confirms the effectiveness of the vaccine in warding off infection and weakening the ability of the virus to attack the immune system of the infected.

According to an official report from Public Health England, those who were infected after a single dose of the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine were 38% to 49% less likely to transmit the infection to others compared to those who were not vaccinated..


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