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“Irrigation” loads (126) megawatts… We have not received any reports affecting the electrical network The Saudi Press Agency


Hajj / “Saudi Electricity”: “perfusion” loads (126) megawatts… We have not received any notifications affecting the electrical network

Sunday 8/12/1442 AH corresponding to 07/18/2021 AD

Mina 08 Dhu al-Hijjah 1442 AH corresponding to 18 July 2021 AD
The Saudi Electricity Company confirmed that the electrical operational plan this year is going according to what was planned, and that the “perfusion” day in Mina witnessed an increase in loads compared to last year.
The company explained that the electrical loads in Mina were recorded today, Sunday, about (126 megawatts), and it seeks to provide an electrical service with a high level of reliability and efficiency in performance, taking into account achieving the highest safety standards in its work, for the sake of the comfort of the pilgrims. The year included several pillars, including full supervision of the operation and maintenance of the electrical network during this period, strengthening the electrical system to ensure the highest levels of reliability through the expansion of some existing stations, the introduction of new generating units for service according to plan, and strengthening the electrical network in the city of Makkah with a number of electrical projects in the field of Transmission and distribution, operation and expansion of 380/110 kV substations, and the promotion and operation of new substations in various locations in the holy sites.
And she confirmed that she had not received any reports that affected the network, and that the electrical situation was very normal, and she and her employees adhere to all safety measures from dealing with the electric current and driving their vehicles and motorcycles in the holy sites in order to preserve the safety of pilgrims and company employees from engineers and technicians who are deployed in the squares of Makkah Al-Mukarramah and in The Holy Sites, referring to the company’s efforts to strengthen the electrical network in Makkah and the Holy Sites, as well as the Hajj entrance roads, in addition to preparing emergency teams to repair any malfunctions in these networks and strengthening the distribution network at all sites in the Holy Sites and Makkah in general.
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