Iranian activists are calling for Tehran to be held accountable after the attempted kidnapping of journalist Masih Nejad in America


date of publication:
July 19, 2021 17:35 GMT

Update date: July 19, 2021 18:15 GMT

About 200 Iranian civil, political and media activists called, in a joint statement on Monday, for foreign governments to hold the Iranian regime accountable after the attempted kidnapping of the Iranian-American journalist and activist Masih Alinejad.

They described the Iranian regime’s plan to kidnap journalist and activist Masih Alinejad as a “terrorist plan”, calling on foreign governments to respond to the Iranian government, according to the Iranian opposition Radio Farda website.

In the statement, they stressed that the Iranian government had carried out “assassinations and kidnappings outside Iran since 1979”, after the fall of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s regime and the arrival of hard-line clerics to power, describing the appeasement of the international community of the Islamic Republic in this regard as an “unforgivable mistake.”

They explained that “the reluctance to pursue the concerned countries to hold the Islamic Republic accountable for its plots and foreign assassinations led to the continuation of threats and repression, and the elimination of the opposition in exile.”

The statement comes after a report by the US Department of Justice on July 14, in which it said that a four-member team of the Iranian intelligence service tried to kidnap Masih Alinejad from New York, but this plan was thwarted.

The four citizens are currently living in Iran, but Nilufer Bahadri Far, known as “Neli Bahadri Far”, who now lives in California, has been accused of complicity in the operation, and Nilufer Bahadri Far has been accused of providing financial services to these individuals because of this conspiracy, and he is currently out of prison. on bail.

The signatories stressed the condemnation of the kidnapping and terrorism of the Islamic Republic, noting that the plan to kidnap Masih Alinejad on American soil once again showed that the Iranian government spares no effort in silencing its opponents, even outside Iran.

They called on the governments of the world to “resolutely pursue” the Iranian government in this regard, and other threatening and terrorist operations against Iranian critics, analysts and activists, and to maintain the security of the Iranian opposition in these countries.

After the issuance of the Ministry of Justice report on the kidnapping of Masih Alinejad, the latter said, in an interview with the Iranian opposition Radio Farda website, that the Iranian government will not succeed in its attempt to stifle her voice and the voice of the people, and that the attempt to kidnap her will not “change the course” of her life and activities.

The US State Department spokesman, Ned Price, had condemned the Iranian intelligence agency’s plan to kidnap Masih Alinejad, and said, “The United States’ immediate concern is to limit Iran’s nuclear program,” adding that “the United States will address other challenges with Iran.”


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