Introduction to the “OTV” evening news bulletin for Tuesday 27/7/2021


It is very clear the goal of Prime Minister Saad Hariri from his press conference today regarding the explosion of the port, and the coming days will be enough to demonstrate his reality more.

It is also very clear the positive atmosphere accompanying the process of forming the government, which actually started today from the Baabda Palace, during President Najib Mikati’s visit to President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, after the end of consultations in the House of Representatives, where he started looking into the details of the new formation, whether in terms of composition or number, provided that It will continue in a series of successive meetings, the first of which is likely to be tomorrow, amid a clear consensus on the necessity of accelerating the composition, which was stressed by the Prime Minister-designate, as well as the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Representative Gibran Bassil from the House of Representatives, where he stressed that the movement’s duty is to Facilitation of authorship and support for completion.

In this context, the Strong Lebanon bloc, which held a meeting today headed by Basil, hoped that the quick assignment would be an incentive for the rapid formation of a government capable of reform, because it is the last chance to avoid the total dissolution of the state and institutions.

Do you stand out on the path of authorship unexpected bumps? Or is the new government being born at a record speed, as some stakeholders expect? As long as the constitution is respected, the charter is enshrined, the standards are unified, and the rescue approach exists, it is not impossible.


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