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New technologies pave the way for the implementation of a number of innovative projects that help to earn money in such a difficult economic circumstance that is characterized by a global recession, sharp fluctuations and intense competition.

In a report published by the magazine “Moi Negotheos e Economy” (very business and economy) Spanish Writer Juan Pedro Fernandez says that one of the most important questions we must raise when starting a business is; Is we able to develop an innovative idea and surprise consumers so that they accept the new product that we offer in the market?

In the era of artificial intelligence and technological development; It has become easy – according to the author – to design and create many options that satisfy customers and make their lives easier.

Innovation is the pivotal starting point in order to achieve success, keep pace with the times, and reach the largest number of customers. There are a lot of projects that do not require huge budgets and a large number of employees, because they mainly need automation and artificial intelligence, and most of them are environmentally friendly projects.

According to the author, robots were one of the influencing factors that contributed to alleviating the global crisis related to the Covid-19 epidemic, and the importance of cloud computing systems, big data, e-commerce, encryption and artificial intelligence appeared during the last period.

The author presents some of the new business ideas and innovative projects below:

Eco friendly urban farm

The GROWx agricultural project focuses on applying the latest technologies and data preservation programs to improve production processes, providing fresh, healthy and nutrient-rich vegetables while minimizing negative environmental impacts.

Eco-friendly prosthetics

More than just an amputee replacement device, the Circleg project enables people with special needs to move freely and promotes social and environmental values.

The manufacturer offers affordable prosthetics to developing countries, using recycled materials and easy-to-assemble parts to suit everyone’s needs.

Share used games

Whirli’s monthly subscription service allows you to choose the games you want online and have them delivered to your home within a few days in exchange for returning them after a while so other kids can use them.

Mobile shop without employees

Moby Mart mobile store operates around the clock, and you can purchase at any time by entering the application and using a credit card. This store does not have employees, it is a huge robot to provide different products, and it can detect the missing products and get them from the store.

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