Indonesia submits new bid to host Olympic Games


The head of the Indonesian Olympic Committee, Raja Sapta Oktohari, said that the committee plans to submit a new request to host the Summer Olympics in 2036, after the failure of its bid to host the 2032 Games. Many cities and countries have competed to host the 2032 Olympics, including the Indonesian capital, Budapest, and China, Doha, and the Ruhr Valley region in Germany, before the International Olympic Committee, earlier this week, awarded the Australian city of Brisbane the right to host the major sporting event. “We will not back down and will continue to fight for hosting the 2036 Olympics,” the head of the Indonesian Olympic Committee said in a statement on Friday.

He added, “We will work more seriously and make every effort to achieve our dream of hosting the Olympic Games.” Indonesia, the fourth most populous country, aims to become the fourth Asian country to host the Summer Games, after Japan, China and South Korea.

Indonesia previously hosted the Asian Games in 2018.


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