In the video, Hala Shiha’s father apologized to Tamer Hosni… and the latter rejects the legal escalation


Plastic artist Ahmed Shiha quickly intervened to correct his daughter’s mistakes sweetnessAnd he took the initiative to contact the star Tamer Hosni and apologize to him for what was stated in Hala’s statement of the “incorrect” accusations. At the same time, the company that produced the movie “Mesh Anna” announced Tamer’s complete refusal to escalate the situation before the Egyptian judiciary, contenting himself with his recent statement to clarify the truth of the accusations leveled by Hala. mechanism.

Tamer Hosny
Tamer Hosny and Hala Shiha – Photo from Tamer’s Instagram accountستقر

Sarah Wafik, director of the movie “Not Me”, indicated during a phone call to the “Al-Hekaya” program with Amr Adib, that Hala’s father contacted Tamer Hosni and apologized to him for his daughter’s abusive statements, which offended the heroes of the work.

Sarah continued, “I made a solution that has no meaning. I want to thank her father. I called Tamer Hosni and apologized to him and said that she was happy behind the scenes of the film, and I love you, Tamer, and I am sorry and apologize.”

She continued, saying: Tamer Hosni refused to take legal action against Hala Shiha, and said that she is free and friendly to her life, and the scenes were comical and delicious, and then she kept the scenes, I don’t know what they are.

She added: Tamer stood beside her in a big way, especially this was a return to her after an absence from art.. and we were upset with her and we loved her.. why did you blame us and her, why did you write in public.. we tried to reach her a lot, and she was closing all the ways we reached her.

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