In the video, an educational consultant reveals the Ministry of Education’s plan to return to the study in presence


Riyadh (echo):

Today, Saturday, the Ministry of Education announced that the rate of immunization of students against Corona has increased to 30%, in preparation for the return of attendance.

The educational advisor, Abdullatif Al-Hammadi, told Al-Ekhbariya channel that families should quickly give their children vaccinations in preparation for the study in attendance, noting that the vaccine is safe and effective.

He added: Education has a plan to return students to schools, where the number of students in the class does not exceed 20 students, and the semester will be divided into two parts, and 5 days within two weeks of study.

Al-Hammadi explained that the return of students will be on the next Muharram 21, i.e. after a month and 6 days, which will be followed by the return of teachers on Muharram 14, and preceded by the return of the administrative body on the current 29th of Dhul-Hijjah to prepare the schools after a break of nearly two years.

He stressed the importance of psychological preparation for male and female students; Especially after a two-year hiatus from school, and helping them organize time by encouraging early sleep and not staying up late

He expected that the study would be at the primary level (distance education), and the classes would be divided into two divisions, and students would attend 5 days within two weeks.


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