In the video, a woman sets 5 conditions for a “cat” to return to her husband


Riyadh (echo):

Basem Al-Sabi, a member of the Saudi Scientific Society in the Holy Qur’an and Science, spoke about the funny and strange situations of women asking for divorce while living through the reconciliation councils.

Al-Sibei said that the social media is one of the main reasons that caused the rise in divorce cases, especially as it has a significant impact on homes and the family, and this is strongly observed in the reconciliation councils, according to what was reported by MBC in a week.

And about the strangest divorce cases that he experienced, he added: “A man is close to sixty and a woman is close to fifty and wants to divorce from the husband and she said he hit me and the husband said it (when did I hit you), and the matter came out 8 years ago and they brought after him 3 children, and after the reformers spoke with the woman, they found that she had a (sister) It caused a rift in their relationship.”

He also revealed the conditions of one of the women whose “cat” almost caused her to divorce, saying: “A woman has a cat, and when we came to the Magistrate’s Council, she stipulated 7 conditions, 5 of them for the cat and two for her.”

Al-Sabai also talked about the role of men in containing the situation and continued: “Many men demand their rights and do not perform their duties. These are many cases in society and there are differences in concepts, and the result is the demolition of the house and the children are victims.”


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