In the photo – May Al-Aidan reveals a private conversation with Ilham Al-Fadala regarding her marriage to Shehab Johar


The media revealedKuwaitYehMay Al-AidanThrough her personal page on the social networking site, a photo of her private conversation with the Kuwaiti actress ​Important Fadalah​, in which she decided the matter of being the second wife of the Kuwaiti actor ​Shehab Johar​.
Mai explained that she was sent to Ilham by e-mail saying that she was a fan of her follow-up, and commented on her conversation with her, saying: “Throwback when I entered Ilham Al-Fadala, she awoke and responded to me.”
During Elham’s response, she decided that she was Shehab’s second wife, and that their marriage came after his separation from his first wife, Zainab al-Moussawi.
In her speech, Elham indicated that Shehab divorced his first wife because of family problems with her two years ago, and when he asked her to marry, he assured her that he had no relationship with his ex-wife.
She commented: “The riyal is absolute, they have had problems for two years, I mean, before he did not know me, and when he proposed to me, he said that he is divorced, and I was sure, God, I agreed.”

Ilham Al-Fadala responds to the attackers of her marriage to Shehab Johar

And she repliedImportant FadalahOn the accusations leveled at her by some observers, that she was the reason for the demolition of Shehab’s house and the divorce of his first wife, in order to marry him, and she explained that when she married him, he was single, so she completely refuses to describe her as a “men’s snatcher.”
Elham said in a video on her private page: “My grocers are far from the snares and people write and compose.. and I shut up and said, O Bakht, who has become oppressed and has not become unjust.. One word, but the right of every person who sits to be oppressed and fatwas on how it is.. God is in what you write and say.
And she added: “I married a halal person and married a divorced person. I did not give away anyone’s house.. I did not take a husband from his wife as you are sitting writing for my daughters.. Lord, you see the injustice in your life and in your soul.. I am the one who does not like to claim against anyone .. but the amount of injustice that Jani made me supplicate in my prayers.”
And she continued: “In short, I married a divorced single person, and no one’s family was ruined… and anyone who has words other than these words or divorce or marriage papers comes out and says.”
The marriage of Ilham and Shehab Gohar sparked widespread controversy, leading the indicators of search engines and social networking sites.


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