In pictures.. Asala in an attractive look at her last party in Abu Dhabi to celebrate Eid Al-Adha


The Syrian star and singer surprised Asala Nasri Her fans posted new photos of her through her official account on the Instagram photo and video site, hours before the start of her concert in the UAE.
Asala’s attractive look came before her party yesterday evening in Abu Dhabi to celebrate the blessed Eid Al-Adha; In the pictures, she appeared in an attractive and elegant look, wearing a white dress that resembles bridal dresses, and showed off her new hairstyle, which resembles the so-called “boy” haircut, with light blond hair, showing her beautiful features with some simple accessories.

I once again express my great longing for this appointment

Asala published a poster for her concert in Abu Dhabi and commented on it with a message to her fans, saying: “We will return together, and this holiday to me is different from every feast of broth. And she continued, “With your love, I am strong, and we meet you in a new form for a new originality, and from Hala to Eid, may God make all our days sweet and sweet and feasts… I have carefully chosen for you what expresses my gratitude and appreciation for your deep concern. I reiterate my great longing for this date.”
The new pictures and Asala’s appearance won the admiration of her fans and friends, where actress Joumana Murad commented, “Dear Sola is beautiful,” to which Asala replied: “Joga is the soul of my heart, you and our beloved spring.” The media, Radwa El-Sherbiny and Dina also commented with hearts and signs of admiration.

She recently released her new song “We Love You”.

The star Asala .. From her account on Instagram.jpg 3
The star Asala .. From her account on Instagram

It is noteworthy that Asala recently released her new song “Benhebak” on her official YouTube channel, written by Abdullah Hassan, composed by singer Ahmed Saad, distributed by Amr Salah, and produced by Asala. Her last albums were “Do not give up”, an album in the Gulf dialect and included 20 songs, including: “Wish Kent Akool” written by Badr Abdel Mohsen, composed by Reluctance, and arranged by Bashar Sultan. And “Ya Mostab” is written and composed by Azouf, distributed by Khaled Ezz. And the song “I Don’t Know What’s Going On” is written by Qaws, composed by Sahem, and arranged by Raafat. And “Rafaq” from the words of Muhammad Abu Nimah, composed by Sahem, arranged by Khaled Ezz, “Al-Tuff Behali” from the words of Al-Alia, composed by Arham, “The Paths of Wishes” from the words of Al-Alia, composed by Yasser Bu Ali, and “By God, you will leave us” from the words Alia, composed by Yasser Bu Ali.

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