In details, how did Iran order militias to strike American targets?


With the escalation of militia attacks during the past weeks against US forces in Iraq and SyriaOn Tuesday, security sources reported that leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards had given orders to Iraqi militias to attack US targets.

The sources quoted two Iraqi security sources, who spoke to Reuters, and refused to reveal their identities, that QA great leader in the Guard militia He had met with Iraqi factions in Baghdad a few days ago, and gave them orders to carry out attacks.

The information also pointed out that the IRGC leaders, despite giving orders, stressed the need not to exaggerate, in order to avoid escalation with the Americans.

Give them maps of US forces’ locations

As for the instructions, they included targeting US sites in Syria and Iraq, according to a senior local militia leader who was briefed on the meeting.

The agency’s sources also reported that Hussein Taeb, head of the Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence, met with Iraqi militias to pressure Washington, revealing that Iranian officials had handed the militia maps of US forces’ locations.

She added that Iran is using its allies in Iraq as a pressure card in its nuclear file, as the escalation comes at a time when major differences shed light on diplomatic efforts to revive the agreement within the Vienna negotiations.

Simultaneous attacks in Syria and Iraq

It seems that the attempt to launch attacks in eastern Syria, in conjunction with others in Iraq, is a new plan pursued by the armed factions. Over the past few days, attacks have increased against American sites and interests in both Iraq and Syria, the last of which was last week.

In turn, the United States informed the UN Security Council that it had targeted Iranian-backed factions in Syria and Iraq with air strikes to deter them and prevent Tehran from launching or supporting further attacks on American personnel or facilities.

While Tehran denied supporting those attacks against US forces in Iraq and Syria, and condemned the US air strikes.

And Pentagon spokesman John Kirby stressed that Iran should stop its support for militias in Iraq. In statements to “Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath” today, Tuesday, he said that the United States is concerned about attacks on its interests in Iraq.

40 attacks on American interests

It is noteworthy that since the beginning of the year, more than 40 attacks have targeted American interests in Iraq, including the embassy in Baghdad, Iraqi military bases that include Americans, and the airports of Baghdad and Erbil, as well as logistical convoys of the international coalition against ISIS, which is led by Washington.

The use of unmanned aircraft has recently become a source of concern for the coalition, because these flying devices can evade the defenses that the US military has installed to defend its forces against missile attacks.


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