In a reassuring step before the Olympics, Bach pledges not to expose Japan to any risk


The President of the German International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, pledged yesterday, Wednesday, to “not expose” the residents of Japan to “any risks” and dispelled their fears about the possibility of an outbreak of the Corona virus, with the start of the Tokyo Olympics 2020 on the 23rd of this month. Bach had met Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, before heading to the media to thank Japan and pledge safe games. “We will do our best and commit ourselves to the Japanese people to contribute in the best way to fight this virus and not pose any danger” to the residents of the archipelago, the IOC president said. “I can point out today that 85 percent of the population of the Olympic Village and nearly 100 percent of IOC members and staff who come to Tokyo have received the vaccine,” he added. “For this reason, I want to humbly ask the Japanese people to extend a warm welcome to athletes from around the world who, like the Japanese population, have overcome many challenges,” he added. Bach also thanked the Japanese public for receiving, despite the “Covid-19” pandemic, this “historic” event and considered it a symbol of the efforts of the Japanese people who “overcame many challenges” such as the tsunami that struck the archipelago in 2011. In a preliminary decision, the local authorities allowed The Japanese were in the presence of local fans with a maximum of 10,000, before reversing their decision in the face of repeated warnings from experts in the health sector, who indicated that the number of injured people in the Japanese capital had doubled in recent weeks.

The local television channel, NHK, reported that the US softball team had arrived at the Olympic Village, which opened its doors to the athletes in complete silence and without celebrations. On the other hand, the South African national rugby team of 7 players was forced to postpone its planned training camp in Kagoshima (south-west Japan) shortly after its arrival in the archipelago, after it was confirmed that one of the people on board the same plane that carried the delegation was infected with the Corona virus. The 21 team members underwent tests, all negative, but 18 of them were considered as possible close contacts, and they were transferred to a special facility in Tokyo for quarantine.


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