In a legendary dress.. Nisreen Tafesh’s appearance at the Cannes Festival (photos) | news


Actress Nisreen Tafesh published new photos from the Cannes Film Festival, through her account on the social networking site Instagram.

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The audience interacted with Nisreen Tafesh’s photos and praised her appearance at the festival.




It is noteworthy that Nisreen Tafesh mysteriously announced her travel to France to attend the Cannes Festival, where she contented herself with publishing her photos inside the plane and asked the audience a question about their expectations for her new destination, and then revealed through the Astorian feature that she was on her way to attend the Cannes International Film Festival.

It is worth noting that Nisreen Tafesh participated in the last Ramadan season through the series “Al-Maddah” with Hamada Hilal, which won the audience’s admiration, with Ahmed Badir, Hanan Suleiman, Khaled Sarhan and other elite stars participating in the series. “Al-Maddah” is written by Amin Gamal, Walid Abu Al-Majd, Sherif Yousry and directed by Ahmed Samir Farag.

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