In a historic confrontation… Saudi Arabia, Tahani Al-Qahtani, prepares for the Israeli Hershoko on Friday in Tokyo


          The head of the Judo Federation demanded not to pressure her...and stresses: We seek to prepare her for the 2024 Olympicsأولمبياد            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>Saudi judo champion Tahani Al-Qahtani continues her preparations for an unprecedented fight in the Tokyo Olympics "2020", next Friday, where she will face the Israeli player Raz Hershoko in the 32nd round of this tournament, which is witnessing for the first time the Saudi judoka in a competition of this magnitude.

Apart from winning and losing in this match, the player Al-Qahtani aims to gain more experience and expertise at the beginning of her judo career, which she actually started in 2018, but she has developed remarkably in the past three years to achieve the Kingdom Championship “2020”, and win the gold , after she had been runner-up a year earlier.

Al-Qahtani participated in the World Championships in Budapest, but her participation in the Olympics will be the most prominent stop in her sports career.

According to informed sources, to Asharq Al-Awsat, the Saudi delegation gave Tahani Al-Qahtani the green light to confront her Israeli counterpart, in order to spare the Saudi star and the Judo Federation any international Olympic sanctions that the International Olympic Committee might impose, as it did with the Algerian judoka.

In terms of preparations, and before heading to Tokyo, Al-Qahtani joined a number of internal camps, most notably in the Judo Federation Training Center at Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman University in Riyadh, and another camp in the capital as well, in addition to an external camp in the Uzbek capital Tashkent.

Tahani Al-Qahtani is 20 years old, a university student, and her qualification was through an invitation card presented to the Kingdom by the International Federation and the Olympic Committee, and she was chosen to represent the Kingdom after she won first place in the heavyweight competitions.

Although Al-Qahtani is not ranked internationally, her presence in such competitions helps her classification; The Olympics is one of the most important sports competitions in the world.

Dr. Nabil Al-Hassan, Vice President of the Saudi Judo Federation, said in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat that the champion Tahani is not required to achieve a great achievement in her first participation, but rather her presence in this great global forum represents an opportunity to develop for the better and be one of the champions who are referred to. them in the coming years.

He added: “Al-Qahtani is at the beginning of her career, and the competition to achieve a great achievement at the Olympic level requires great work, extensive participation and accumulated experiences, so it is not possible to talk about Tahani went to Tokyo to compete for a medal. Rather, the most important thing is to benefit from this participation and return to the Kingdom.” I have gained a lot.”

He added, “We, as a federation, and in coordination with the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, seek to prepare my congratulations for a stronger presence at the Paris Olympics (2024), and we are preparing it from now on for this goal.”

Al-Hassan stressed the importance of reducing pressure on the heroine Al-Qahtani, after she was drawn with an Israeli player, noting that Al-Qahtani is still at the beginning of her career, and it is difficult to bear this kind of pressure, but it is important to encourage and trust her in all cases.

Al-Qahtani’s first match will be against a player ranked 20th in the world, who is experienced in such competitions.

It remained to be noted that there was a great interaction on social media regarding Al-Qahtani’s participation and her first confrontation, as the focus was great on raising her morale, in order to achieve the gains she would like to obtain from this participation.

Al-Qahtani had spoken to the Saudi Olympic Committee website about her beginning and joining the game of judo at King Saud University during the summer, where she indicated that she loved the game, and was more attached to it after practicing it, stressing that her ambitions are great in this game.


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