If you have an iPhone .. 4 ways to recover it in case it is stolen or lost


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Many carriers are exposed smart phones To theft or loss of the phone, which causes inconvenience to them, but the matter is different for phone users iPhone, who can recover it when it is stolen even if it is offline or when its battery runs out in many ways.

In this regard, Al-Watan reviews the ways to restore the iPhone, according to the Arab portal for technical news, Aitnews, as follows:

Restore iPhone using iPad

If the Find My application is enabled on the iPhone, you can use the same application on the iPad to find it, and although it is difficult to see the geographical location in real time, the Find My application allows you to know the last location of the phone in case its battery runs out.

If your phone is not connected to the Internet but it is still working, the application determines the current geographical location of the phone by following the following:

Open the Find My app on your iPad.

Click on the Devices tab.

– A map showing your activated devices appears in the app.

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– Select the lost iPhone in the list of devices.

– Tap on the directions option to get the approximate location of the phone when you lose it in case its battery runs out.

If the phone is offline but working, you can tap the Play audio option to help you locate the phone.

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– You can toggle the button next to the Notify me if the phone is found option to send notifications and update the phone’s location the next time it is turned on.

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If the iPhone is turned off it appears via the map and sidebar as a phone with a blank screen, but if it is turned on it appears via the map and sidebar as a phone with an active screen.

Finding a lost phone through someone else’s device

Open the Find My app on your iPhone.

– Select the tab I.

Click on Help a Friend.

Sign in with your iCloud ID.

When prompted to save your password, select the Not now option.

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You can now follow the steps given previously in order to locate the phone, and when you are done, tap your name in the upper right of the iPhone in the Find My app. Then click on the Sign Out option.

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Find your phone using the computer

Go to the iCloud website via your computer’s web browser.

Sign in with your Apple ID.

Click on the Find My iPhone icon.

Select the All devices option at the top and then choose your lost iPhone.

– Show you a map showing the location of the lost phone.

Find your phone using Google Maps

If the Find My Phone feature is not enabled on your device, you need to resort to retracing your steps when lost, but if you enable the location history feature in Google Maps, you will be able to know the last location of the lost phone.

To do this, follow these steps:

Go to this link via a web browser on your computer or phone.

– Sign in to your Google account.

– Select the date of losing the phone.

– Check your last location to find out where you lost your phone.


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