Ibn Adel Imam resolves the fact that his father retired and his health deteriorated


Director Rami Emam resolved the truth of the news that spoke about his father, the Egyptian actor, Adel Emam’s retirement from acting, and the news about the deterioration of his health.

Ramy said in a press statement, according to the “Laha” website, while attending the special screening of the movie “Some do not go to the authorized twice.”

And about his father’s health condition, he said: “Praise be to God, he is fine, and people always ask me about his health, and I am reassured by all the public, and he is currently on vacation.”

He added, “I do not know why people are not focused other than with the health condition of the leader, Adel Imam, but… Why do people imagine all the time that the leader is tired and his health condition is not good, I ask me about his condition very much, as if there is nothing but his health.”

He continued, “The leader’s health is as good as good, and thank God, he is not tired, and there is no need for desolation in him, and he is calm and worried about him.”


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