“I am satisfied with the order of God.” Dalal Abdel Aziz feels the departure of her husband, Samir Ghanem


Dalal Abdel Aziz

In new leaks about the health status of the great Egyptian artist Dalal Abdel Aziz, some press reports confirmed that she began to feel the departure of her husband, the able artist Samir Ghanem, especially with her repeated question about him and her feeling that the answers she receives are inaccurate, but the doctors asked her family not to tell her of Samir’s death so as not to affect This is negative in her case, especially at this stage.

The sources revealed that Dalal began to feel the departure of her husband, but she is trying to deny her feelings, and she always says: “I am satisfied with the order of God”… Her two daughters, Donia and Amy, respond to her that his health condition is unstable, not much different from that of their father, and that he cannot speak.

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Dalal’s health condition is still unstable, as she suffers from erosion in her lung, which was badly affected by her infection with the Corona virus.

Dalal Abdulaziz had contracted corona two months ago, and since then she has been lying in the hospital, and despite the negativeness of the last swab that was taken on her, but the effects that the virus left on her body are so severe that she cannot dispense so far with artificial respirators.


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