Horner sticks to criticism of Mercedes’ British Grand Prix celebrations


In the wake of the accident that brought together Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at Silverstone, Red Bull Racing expressed its anger at the accident and the way Mercedes and its driver celebrated later.

Verstappen himself described Hamilton’s actions as “disrespectful”, while Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko said Mercedes “showed its style” in its celebrations as Verstappen went to hospital for further tests.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff suggested earlier this week that Red Bull’s comments were “hostile” after the race and crossed reasonable lines to become “very personal”.

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But in his column on Red Bull’s official website published on Friday, Horner made it clear his position had not changed, saying it was “unimaginable” that Mercedes would not want to inform Hamilton of Verstappen’s full status before his victory celebration.

“I remain disappointed by the level of celebration over the incident,” Horner wrote. “The Mercedes team was aware of the severity of the accident and word spread that Max was taken to hospital for further tests.”

“It is unimaginable that they did not tell him, also to protect your driver in case he did not show any restraint in his celebrations, especially when it was the result of an accident for which he was punished.”

Horner also disagreed with those who considered his and his team’s comments about Hamilton’s role in the crash “too hostile”.

“I’d like to answer some of the comments I saw from Toto, who was quoted saying that our comments about Hamilton causing the crash were very personal,” he said.

“I felt the suggestion that Max was overly aggressive at that point was not justified. I want to be clear. This was an accident on the track between two of the best drivers in the world.”

He continued: “At that moment in time when your driver is in the hospital and the level of injuries is still unknown, your car is destroyed and the stewards have punished the driver they considered responsible, it is normal for emotions to enter the game for all parties involved, whether you feel wronged or won.”

“You have to look at the fact that Max doesn’t have any penalty points on his driver’s license and has not been considered at fault in any incident on the track in recent years. The aggressive 17-year-old Verstappen that Hamilton is referring to is not the Verstappen version of today, as it is today. For Hamilton, who is not the same driver he was when he got into the sport.”

He went on to explain: “Both of them are uncompromising in their driving style, but they are very talented and have a lot of experience. The truth is that Hamilton finally faced a competitor of his level for a competitive car now, and I agree that both drivers need to respect each other, but Hamilton was the aggressor on Sunday. “.

Although tension continues between Red Bull and Mercedes, Horner said he does not expect the incident to affect track competition when racing resumes next weekend in Hungary.

“Hungary will be a different challenge for the car and the team and we are all motivated to maintain our championship lead,” he said.

“Max won’t continue to bemoan what happened at Silverstone and will want to drop his talk on the track. He is determined to move past the incident and use it as a catalyst for the rest of the season, just like us.”




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