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09:14 AM | Tuesday 13 July 2021

Mustafa Mohamed was prevented from entering Greece.. Galatasaray withdrew from the Olympiacos match

Mostafa Mohamed, Galatasaray player

he decided Galatasaray Turkish ClubThe professional in his Egyptian ranks Mustafa MohammedWithdrawing from its match against Olympiacos of Greece, which was scheduled for this evening, Tuesday, and returning to Turkey again, after the Turkish team accused Greek officials of discriminating against the team’s players, led by the Egyptian player, and preventing them from entering Greek territory, after they refused to accept the results of tests The new Corona virus “Covid 19” for the players of Galatasaray.

Galatasaray withdrew from the Greek Olympiacos match and returned to Turkey

Galatasaray club said, according to Reuters news agency, that it had taken the decision to withdraw from today’s match against Olympiacos of Greece, at a time when Ankara and Athens were working to improve relations between them, and to resume direct talks that had been suspended for 5 years between the two countries, especially since there are efforts to improve relations, which were strained last year by disputes over energy resources and sovereignty rights in the Mediterranean.

Galatasaray added that this incident expresses clear discrimination against a Turkish team, noting that Greek officials refused to approve the results of the tests conducted by the team before, and requested another procedure.

Mustafa Muhammad and his colleagues in Galatasaray were prevented from entering Greece

Galatasaray added that Greek customs and security officials dealt in a humiliating manner with his players, led by Mustafa Mohamed, and put obstacles in front of them, which prompted them to take the decision to return, after preventing them from entering Athens.

Nikos Hardalias, the Greek Minister of Civil Protection, commented, “The friendly match that was scheduled for today, Tuesday, does not come within the framework of an international event, and therefore all arrivals are subject to a sample test or a quick examination, indicating that Galatasaray refused to undergo a rapid test, as required.” Greek law, explaining that because of their refusal to prevent members of the mission from entering the country, on his orders.


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