Hey Tyre: Attacking a doctor in a hospital in Tyre


In a statement, the head of the “Lebanese Medical Social Gathering,” Professor Raif Reda, strongly denounced “what fellow doctor Abdullah Johnny was subjected to in a hospital in the Tire region,” calling on “the security and judicial forces to expose the aggressors and impose the most severe punishments on them,” and indicated that It is unfortunate and shameful that the exposure of doctors, i.e. the White Army, has become common in the absence of harsh deterrence against everyone who is tempted to attack doctors, and we will not allow doctors to be a broken stick and an outlet for the unjustified hatred of doctors.He appealed to “the competent judiciary to put an end to this chaos so that doctors do not have to emigrate as a result of losing protection for them,” noting that “Doctor Johnny is known for his scientific and moral competence and good conduct.”


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