Here Zahid publishes a video that turns Ahmed Fahmy into a strange and terrifying person


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Yesterday, Sunday, the Egyptian artist, Hana Al-Zahid, shared a video scene of her husband, the Egyptian artist, Ahmed Fahmy, in which she warned followers not to sit with him when he attended football matches.

The Egyptian actress portrayed here ascetic Her husband, when he watched the match of his favorite football team, Al-Ahly Club of Egypt, where he appeared in moments of great tension due to the course of the game.
The Egyptian artist, Ahmed Fahmy, appeared in the video in a state of great anxiety and tension, as he stood, lifted the shirt and covered his entire head with it while watching the match.

The Egyptian artist’s wife commented on the video that she published in the “Stories” feature on “Instagram”, warning viewers not to sit with her husband while attending the match because he was doing “strange and terrifying” behavior, as she described it.

According to the “Madam” magazine, which specializes in art news, Fahmy appeared upset because of the club’s delay Al-Ahly of Egypt in the result before the end of the match.

Al-Zahid wrote about the situation jokingly with her life partner: “Ahmed Fahmy, no one sits with him while he watches the match because, like Mantua, you see that he does strange, terrifying things.”

Followers and fans of Egyptian artists recorded the video scene and shared it widely, praising it, claiming that it is a real scene that embodies people’s love for football.

It is worth noting that Al-Zahid had praised her husband’s latest work in the movie “Al-Arif”, where she wrote on her page in “Instagram”: “The Al-Arif movie is directed, produced and represented by a huge representation. In the film it was a “surprise” for her.


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