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تنا things Flags The story of an American man who mocked the vaccination efforts for the emerging coronavirus “Covid-19” on social media, so what happened to him? The answer is here with the latest recommendations on Corona vaccines.

Stephen Harmon’s story was reported by The Associated Press.Associated Pressand “NBC News”NBC News) and the BBC (BBC) Etc.

After mocking Corona vaccines, Harmon, 34, died this week in a Los Angeles area hospital after contracting the virus.

Stephen Harmon posted pictures of himself in his hospital bed, writing that he had pneumonia, had extremely low oxygen levels and was about to be intubated.

Al Jazeera’s Sanad Agency tracked Harmon’s tweets and reactions to the story.

In a previous tweet, he wrote, “If you’re having problems with email, I’ll get back to you, I have 99 problems that don’t include vaccination.”

Dr. Oren Friedman, who treats Covid-19 patients at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, told TV. KCBS-TV) said Harmon’s death was “incredibly disappointing”, and noted that the number of COVID-19 admissions (to the hospital) had multiplied 10-fold.

Friedman said that virtually everyone who got sick with corona to the point that required hospitalization did not receive the vaccination.

The available data indicate the importance of vaccination in protecting people from infection with severe cases of corona that require hospitalization and may lead to death.

According to a previous report in Al Jazeera Net; Experts in the United States say 99% of COVID-19 deaths are from unvaccinated people.

According to public health officials, the vast majority of people who are hospitalized with coronavirus and who have died of the disease; They were not vaccinated, according to a report published by CNETcnet).

Dr. Rochelle Walinsky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – the day before Friday – said that more than 97% of hospital admissions from the Corona virus at the moment are for people who are not immunized, adding that “there is a clear message coming: This has become an unvaccinated pandemic.” “.

American warning and European acceleration

The United States’ chief infectious disease physician, Anthony Fauci, warned that the country was moving in the “wrong direction” in combating a new wave of the coronavirus pandemic, as vaccinations slowed.

An increasing number of European countries had begun to strengthen measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, amid increasing infections due to the outbreak of the “Delta” strain, by pressuring citizens to receive the vaccine and adhere to the instructions, according to Reuters.

Last Thursday, Italy followed France’s lead and announced that obtaining the vaccine or providing immunity will be mandatory for a number of activities, including eating in closed areas and entering places such as gyms, swimming pools, museums and cinemas.

Greece has made it mandatory to submit a certificate of obtaining the vaccine to allow entry to restaurants and bars since last week, while dozens of municipalities in Portugal have implemented restrictions during the weekend in indoor spaces since early July.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi defended his decision to make what is known as a green pass mandatory to participate in most activities of public life, telling reporters that “the delta breed is more dangerous than other breeds…the green pass is not arbitrary, but it is a necessary condition for not stopping economic activities.” We’ll have to shut everything down again.”

Despite the significant increase in the number of cases, deaths and hospitalizations did not increase at the same rate, unlike previous outbreaks of the disease, thanks to mass vaccination campaigns since the beginning of 2021.

But with only 54% of adults in the European Union receiving both doses of the vaccine, governments fear that tens of thousands will fall victim to the disease if vaccination campaigns do not become faster.

Do those who received the corona vaccination have to wear a mask?

Vaccines are still effective in preventing hospitalizations, deaths and infections are rare among vaccinated people, but – according to some experts interviewed by AFP – there is no one-size-fits-all approach. People should consider factors such as the rate of transmission in their surroundings, levels of personal risk, and risk tolerance to help them decide what is best for them.

And in May, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – the main federal public health authority in the US – abandoned its advice on wearing a face mask for fully vaccinated people.

By then, the number of infections was rapidly declining, and the Biden administration was tempted to announce a return to normalcy after an intense vaccination campaign.

But last Thursday, the country recorded more than 50,000 cases of Covid-19, and the rise in cases was attributed mainly to the delta mutant, and was largely concentrated in the areas with the lowest vaccination rates.

However, it should be noted that the increase in injuries did not translate into a proportional increase in the number of hospitalized people and in the number of deaths.

Currently, about 200 deaths are recorded per day, which is much lower than the 3,500 daily deaths during the height of the epidemic wave in the winter.

Dr. Rochelle Walinsky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said – last week – that more than 97% of hospital admissions are among people who have not received the vaccine, while Chief American Doctor Vivek Murthy said that 99.5% of deaths. Also recorded among unvaccinated people.

Last Thursday, Rochelle Walinsky defended the CDC’s position on the muzzle, insisting that the authority had always said that individuals should take local conditions into account.

“If you’re in an area with a high infection rate, low vaccination rate and increased delta mutated cases, you should definitely wear a mask if you haven’t been vaccinated,” she said.

“If you receive the vaccine, you will get exceptional protection thanks to it, but you are free to decide to add additional layers of protection,” she added.

Joseph Allen, assistant professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, supported Walinsky’s position, saying, “I do not think that we are at a stage where the recommendation to put a muzzle still makes sense for everyone, whether in the United States or other countries where a high percentage of the population has received the vaccine.”

“For me, the goal of all vaccines has always been to avoid severe cases and deaths, and that’s exactly what we’re getting from them and really well,” Allen said.

Putting on a mask

If the World Health Organization is still urging people who have fully received their vaccinations to continue to wear the muzzle, this is especially in light of the general situation; Only 13.4% of the world’s population has been fully vaccinated.

However, the more the virus spreads in an environment, the more likely it is that those who have been vaccinated will be infected.

Celine Gunder, an epidemiologist and infectious disease specialist, compared the situation before the emergence of the Delta mutant with driving around her neighborhood, while the current situation, she said, is more like driving on a race track.

“When you are driving in your neighbourhood, it is sufficient to wear a seat belt, but if you are on a racetrack, in addition to the seat belt you will need helmets and airbags,” she told AFP. In her eyes, the masks represent these additional layers of protection.

Source : Al Jazeera + Sanad Agency + American press + French + Reuters


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