Happening now .. the frequency of the new Zee Alwan channel on Nilesat 2021


frequency To deliver the highest quality sound and images in HD filtering without any interference or interruptions in the service medium.

The frequency of the new Ze Alwan channel

At the same time, the channel has achieved record success in just a few years since its inception in 2012, providing the latest and greatest Hindi dubbed episodes in Arabic completely free of charge without any coding. Not satisfied with that, but rather by showing some Arab series of Egyptian and Syrian dramas to attract more audiences and satisfy all audiences, thus attracting more audiences who do not want to be interested in Indian films and dramas with different artistic tastes.

The frequency of the Zee Alwan channel on Nilesat

In addition, we will publish to you the new and recent frequencies of the Ze Alwan channel via satellite on Nilesat, due to the high search rate and query results through social networking sites and groups dedicated to channels and channels, the world of satellite channels and the famous search engine (Google). Dear readers, adding a new frequency is a process that takes only a few minutes, because the channel management made some updates to the old frequency and replaced it with the strongest frequency without any interruption.

  • Frequency: 11277
  • Polarization: horizontal
  • Coding factor: 27500
  • Error correction rate: 3/4


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