Hamilton aims to hit home


Silverstone has always been known as the “backyard” for Mercedes, having won every previous edition since 2013 except for the 2018 season when Sebastian Vettel broke their dominance for Ferrari at the time.

After five consecutive defeats at the hands of Red Bull, three of them in a row to Max Verstappen, Hamilton will seek to respond this time to try to break the momentum of his opponents on the one hand and revive his hopes of competing for the title at the same time, especially as he is now 32 points behind him in the drivers’ championship standings.

While the circuit theoretically favors Mercedes, Red Bull’s improvement in recent races will mean a very close battle between them.

It will also be a real test for Red Bull for the rest of the season and their ability to beat Mercedes in the rest of the races.

However, Mercedes will not remain idle, and will bring what will be its latest update packages for the season at this round after committing to transfer all its resources to the 2022 car.

In the middle, Lando Norris will be the star star this weekend after continuing his record of scoring points in all rounds of the season for McLaren, and his brilliance even more after achieving a podium in the last round in Austria.

This weekend will also be special with the introduction of the short qualifying race format for the first time in Formula 1, which will make the scene of the weekend different.

Moment of historical momentum

The British Grand Prix is ​​the oldest prize in history, as it represented the opening round of the first season in F1 history in 1950.

But the roots of the race go back to before that, specifically to 1926, when it was first organized.

In addition, the British Tour was present in all seasons of the championship and has never been absent from it despite the variety of circuits held on it in the early years, making it the only tour with the Italian Grand Prix that has never been absent from the Formula One calendar since its inception.

Last year, it witnessed a special celebration by holding a second race at Silverstone in what was known as the “70th Grand Prix of Formula One” to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the dawn of the championship.

In terms of success, Ferrari is the manufacturer with the most victories in the British Grand Prix with 16 victories, two ahead of homeowner and public McLaren.

On the individual front, Lewis Hamilton is the most successful with seven wins, ahead of Jim Clark and Alain Prost, who have five.

Hamilton is also the most successful in terms of poles with seven of them.

the ring

The British Grand Prix has been held at a total of three circuits throughout its history: Aintree, Brands Hatch and Silverstone.

But Silverstone has the lion’s share, having hosted the Grand Prix 54 times (55 when calculating the 70th anniversary prize last year).

The circuit is characterized by its high average speed due to the many straight lines and high-speed turns, as well as some strong braking points that provide great overtaking opportunities.

Everyone loves a series of fast, undulating turns, on top of which are the Maguts and Bekes turns, and before them the fast “Copps” right turn.

This segment poses a strong challenge to the car, the tires and the driver alike.

The route is 5,891 km long and consists of 18 turns, 10 to the right and eight to the left.

Lewis Hamilton has a qualifying circuit time of 1:24.303 minutes, the fastest lap ever at Silverstone in its current layout.

In the race, Max Verstappen broke last year’s record with 1:27.097.


After the tire problems faced by the British manufacturer last year at Silverstone, especially with the tires of two Mercedes exploding in the last two laps of the race, Pirelli has been beefing up its tire structure for the rest of the season.

I did it again after the controversial tire explosion problems at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Teams tested boosted tires during the Austrian Grand Prix in preparation for use at Silverstone to deal with the extra forces that the circuit imposes.

Silverstone is also known for its high levels of tire stress and lateral forces (exceeding 5 times the gravity), so Pirelli brought in its toughest formulas, C1 to be Hard, C2 to be Medium and C3 to be “Soft”.

Those tires will likely allow drivers to complete the race with a one-stop strategy, but who knows what might happen.

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