Hamada Helal presents his latest clip “Umm Ahmed”


The star Hamada Helal presented his latest songs, “Umm Ahmed”, and on the YouTube video site, which he filmed as a video clip. In the clip, Hamada Helal presented a simple idea within the framework of an atmosphere of comedy to contribute to alleviating the pressures of life, with the first days of Eid al-Adha and drawing The joy through the participation of a group of personalities who live life simply in the popular society, and the song was written by Ahmed Marzouk, composed and distributed by Mohamed Kammah, and the clip directed by Ahmed Ashraf.

The star, Hamada Hilal, had revealed the scenes of his new song “Umm Ahmed” in his meeting on the “Its Show Time” program, which is shown on CBC channel for media professionals Maha Al-Saghir and Dina Howaidaq, saying, “This song I heard last year, with my friend, the composer Mohamed Kammah and the poet Ahmed Marzouk, And in one of the advertising companies, I heard it for them and they liked the song very much, and they asked me to bring a copy of it to stay with them.”

Hamada Hilal added: “Unfortunately, during this period, I was making another advertisement, so I postponed it a little, so I found the song to be old for me, because this song I treat it in a completely different way, because it talks about Egypt and all classes of the people and all groups who work and love the country and our symbol in the song is “Ahmad’s mother”.

Hamada Helal continued: “We filmed Umm Ahmed’s song in filming locations, many of them in popular neighborhoods and some in high-end neighborhoods, because we are talking about the job of everyone in the country, and the clip was directed by Ahmed Ashraf, and this is the second cooperation between us after the song “I drink tea.”

And recently, the star Hamada Hilal released the clip of his song “Mashtiqin” from the words of Mohamed Ibrahim, composed by Ahmed Zaim, distributed by Wissam Abdel Moneim, and a number of art and sports stars participated in this clip, most notably: Mohamed Riad, Hani Salama, Karim Fahmy, Mohamed Gomaa, Islam Gamal, Ahmed Zaher, Mohamed Gomaa, Mohamed Anwar, and among the football players: Ahmed Hassan, Ahmed Fathi, Trezeguet, Kahraba, Mohamed Hani, Hussein El-Sayed, and among the media professionals who participated in the appearance also were the media Amr El-Leithi, Ibrahim Fayek and directed the clip Mohamed El-Qadi.

The star Hamada Hilal also released the clip of his song “Baheb Al-Jada’ana” through his official YouTube channel, in the style of festival songs, which are written by Shendi and Kankah, composed by Hamada Hilal and Al-Madfajiya, and distributed by diesel.

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