Hala Shiha responds to her critics and the Actors Syndicate with fiery messages


After a period of silence and receiving criticism, the Egyptian artist decided Shiha’s solution To respond to everything that happened to her during the past days.

And Hala posted on her Instagram account a letter of thanks to everyone who sends her messages of support and encouragement, and she also thanked everyone who published the fatwa of Dar Al-Ifta.

She confirmed that her position is the same as that of Dar Al Ifta, which considers that art, like any profession, is permissible and forbidden, and she does not like to be part of extremism, whether in the name of religion or in the name of art, considering that if the Syndicate of Actors rejects the words of Dar Al-Ifta, congratulations to her to write it off.

Hala Shiha explained that her love for art cannot be outdone or denied, noting that she only spoke about herself and appreciates all her colleagues, and she only spoke about one colleague because the problem is related to him, and she blamed him for her good faith in him, and the admonition came in public because the clip was shown to in public.

And the Egyptian artist talked about the wage and what was said about it, noting that everyone knows that she was accepting works whose wages are low in support of the business makers, and that she did not receive the last installment of her wages for the film after her payment was very late and her life was changing during this period, stressing that the talk about wage The high makes her laugh a lot.

She concluded her letter by emphasizing that she is an artist who loves art from her childhood, but she will not do anything at the expense of what she believes in, noting that she will not attack, criticize or fight anyone, and that she is not better than anyone and everyone makes mistakes and is injured.


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