Hala Sedky to the ninth: We had a split personality before the June 30 revolution


The artist, Hala Sedky, said that she was not afraid to participate in the June 30 revolution, because it was related to the future of the country, explaining that any artist is afraid of friction with politics so as not to lose some of his fans, but during June 30 everyone participated in the interest of Egypt’s future, and she continued: “Egypt went through a period Difficult.. Hegel was a schizophrenia of personality from the amount of shocks.. the amount of shocks was enormous.”

And Hala Sedky added, during a phone call to the “Ninth” program, presented by the media, Shafki Al-Muniri, on the Egyptian Channel One, that the events in Egypt were revealing of personalities, scholars and intellectuals who shocked the Egyptian people. The Egyptian people are strong and have sufficient awareness of knowing the liar, the truthful, and the lover of the country and its enemy.”

Hala Sedky confirmed that Egypt is now making many achievements in all sectors, pointing out that despite the great achievement, there is an internal challenge that lies in the Brotherhood’s elements spread in some positions and bodies.

And the artist, Hala Sedky, continued: “The Brotherhood is spread in society. We do not see them in some jobs and bodies.”


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