Gulf News | Doncic shines in first appearance as Slovenia’s remarkable victory over 2004 champion Argentina


Saitama – AFP: Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic made his Olympic debut for his country, Slovenia, And that was through her leadership in a remarkable victory over Argentina, the 2004 champion, with a score of 118-100, yesterday, Monday in The first round of Group C competitions for the Tokyo Olympics. Doncic set a record performance not previously achieved in the history of the games, after scoring 31 of his 48 points in The first half of the match, which was held at the “Saitama Super Arena”, also adding 11 Follow up with 5 assists and 3 defensive blocks (block). And the 22-year-old achieved his record for the number of points in the first half in 16 minutes he played In the first half of the meeting, which was dominated by the Slovenes from the beginning, the difference between the two sides reached 30 points, while the biggest advance was for the South American team, who also won the bronze in Beijing 2008, by a difference of Just two points.

The Slovenian player, who played the All-Star match, “All Star” twice during his brilliant career in football, commented “NBA” so far on what he made in his first Olympic appearance by saying: ” I think it’s very special, not only for me but for the whole team.”

“Records don’t matter to me”

“It’s great to see all these stars at the Olympic Games. There is a huge amount of sports.” Asked if he knew of Monday’s achievement, Doncic replied: Record numbers do not interest me. We have to win and that’s why we came here. We were decisive in the game three or four minutes before our end. (Anything else) I don’t care.” Slovenia ended the first quarter in favor of 32-24, then expanded the difference to 20 points at the end of the half The first after the second quarter was decided 30-18 thanks to the efforts of the Dallas Mavericks star.

And the European team continued to excel in the third, which ended in his favour, 26-24, which paved the way for him to walk. With the match to safety despite the late awakening of veteran Luis Scola (23 points), Facundo Kombatsu (21) and Gabriel Dick (17 with 8 rebounds) and their teammates who finished the last quarter 34-30. Doncic’s share in the second half of the match was 17 points in 15 minutes, becoming the second best He scored in one match during the Olympic Games, with Australian Eddie Balubinskas, who also scored 48 points Against Mexico in 1976 in Montreal.

The record remains in the name of the Brazilian Oscar Schmidt, who scored 55 against Spain at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Doncic’s performance prompted Argentine legend Manu Ginobili, who led her to the Olympic title in 2004, to tweet On Twitter during the half-time break: “Absolute domination of the match by Doncic. 31 points in the first half. What a beast.”

With this victory, which was also achieved by the effort of Clement Pribelic (22 points), Slovenia cut more than half The road to reaching the quarter-finals, for which the top two places in each of the three groups qualify In addition to the two best teams in third place.

Strong start to summer

And the third women in 2016

Among the women, Spain, the 2016 Rio Olympics runner-up, came out victorious in its confrontation with South Korea by a narrow margin 73 -69, after it was 13 points ahead of the latter. Spain owes the victory to Asto N’Dour, who excelled in attack and defense by scoring 28 points with 10 rebounds and 4 blocks. Defensive (Block), while Laura Khel contributed 16 points and 14 rebounds.

On the other hand, Lee Seol Kang (26 points) and Ji Soo Park (17) Heejin stood out Park (14). In the same group, Serbia, which won bronze in 2016 in its first participation as an independent country, started its journey It also did well by beating Canada 72-68 after leading by 11 . Points, as a result of the decline in its performance in the third quarter, which it lost 9-17. Sonia Vacic was the best scorer in the Serbian national team with 16 points, and Yvonne Anderson added 12, while she was Nira Fields (19 points), Kia Norse (16 with 6 rebounds) and Shai Koli (12) are the best in The ranks of Canada, which is running its seventh Olympic participation (its best position was fourth in 1984).

Similar to the men’s competitions, the winners and runners-up in each of the three groups will qualify for the quarter-finals along with The two best teams are in third place. The United States has monopolized the Olympic title in the past six editions and won the title eight times out of 11 copies Since the inclusion of women’s basketball in the Games in 1976. The United States begins its campaign against Nigeria on Tuesday in Group B, which includes France and hosts Japan.


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