Gulf News | Al Salam Bank launches a prepaid card in Turkish lira


Al Salam Bank announced the launch of the Turkish Lira prepaid card for valued customers, as it allows them to easily fill in Pay in Turkish Lira while traveling to Turkey and while shopping online. This card is the latest addition to the group of multi-currency prepaid cards from Al Salam Bank For the first time in the Turkish lira currency at the level of Bahrain, with its availability in the Bahraini dinar, the US dollar, the euro and the pound sterling.

The launch of the prepaid card in Turkish lira comes as part of Al Salam Bank’s commitment to meet the various needs and requirements Customers, as the card aims to facilitate shopping and payment transactions during the travel trip to Turkey, the tourist destination leading. This card will enhance the efficient management of expenses for customers, with the advantage of direct payment in foreign currency without The need to carry cash and without counting currency exchange fees. The card can also be used for online purchases, providing a secure payment solution in online stores.

Al Salam Bank allocates various means for customers to top up the balance of multi-currency prepaid cards, which can be filled from: Through the electronic application or the Al Salam Bank website, as well as through the electronic payment gateway or via Bank branches and ATMs.

On this occasion, Mohamed Buhijji, Head of Retail Banking at Al Salam Bank, said: “We are pleased to introduce Prepaid card in Turkish lira for Al Salam Bank customers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and we strive through this product It is unique in its kind to enable a large segment of customers to complete their payment transactions in foreign currency within Travel trips and online shopping. We continue to strive to provide our valued customers with an integrated banking experience enhanced by an elegant and seamless service tailored to their personal requirements. . We took the initiative to provide this card to add more convenience and ease to its holders during their travels to Turkey, which is A preferred option for tourism.

This product constitutes a safe and convenient way for customers to carry out various payment transactions in Turkish Lira without carrying currency Paperwork in light of the continuing Corona pandemic on a global scale. From this standpoint, we renew our commitment to continue providing targeted and distinguished products and services that meet the aspirations of customers.”

It is worth noting that the prepaid card contributes to raising the financial awareness of customers, especially the young age groups It allows them to manage and track expenses and set a specific budget to ensure a balanced level of spending while traveling. Customers can apply for the issuance of any of the multi-currency prepaid cards from Al Salam Bank, where Each card can only be used for one currency.


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