Google fascinates users with a new game on the occasion of the Tokyo Olympics.. I know its details


Google does not cease to amaze millions of users, especially with every occasion, and here is the occasion for the start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in Japan.

The Tokyo Olympics were scheduled to be held last year and were postponed due to the conditions of the spread of the Corona virus “Covid 19”.

The new Google game was launched by Google Doodle.

It is a game similar to the famous “Dinosaur” game that allows a person to play it when the Internet service is cut off.

Google’s new game is called Doodle Champion Island Games.

It can be played by entering the “Google – Google” browser.

And clicking on a new logo launched by the browser at the top of the search box, and then you can enter the game.

What is the new Google game?

The game is about a small object that moves in the middle of fields and farms, and the new Google game is based on the implementation of many tasks, passing through closed doors and exploring many areas, and between the stage and the other, in the new Google game, the individual can play a game of table tennis with another object.

In the new Google game.. many games

At some point in the new Google game, you have a team, then the idea of ​​the game becomes to find the “champions” of each sport and challenge them in small games, these heroes are inspired by Japanese history and folklore, the games are presented with fun animated scenes, the number of games is seven games, Including table tennis, running, swimming and climbing.


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