Good news.. Yasmine Abdel Aziz leaves intensive care


A state of anxiety dominated the fans and colleagues of the Egyptian artist, Yasmine Abdel Aziz, who underwent a difficult surgery during the past days, and as a result she was detained in intensive care at Al Salam International Hospital, where many rumors spread during the past days, after it was said that she was in a complete coma, and some tried to guess The surgery she underwent and the medical error that resulted from it.

However, the happy news announced by Wael Abdel Aziz, the brother of the Egyptian artist, is that she left the intensive care unit after the improvement in her health condition, which was previously confirmed by the artist, Nihal Anbar, in previous statements to “Al”, noting that the condition is improving and that it is not In a coma, the family will come out within hours to clarify what the Egyptian artist was suffering from.

And Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s brother confirmed, in a brief post he wrote on his Facebook account, that the visit is prohibited for his sister, who has just been released from intensive care and is in an ordinary room.

It is expected that Yasmine Abdelaziz will be observed in the coming days, to ensure that her condition has improved significantly, after which visits will be allowed or she will leave the hospital to her home.

So far, the family has not announced the surgery that Yasmine Abdelaziz was performing, before infection occurred as a result of a medical error, which caused her condition to deteriorate rapidly.


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