Germany.. A prominent official’s statement about Corona is dividing the country’s politicians


Germany.. A prominent official's statement about Corona is dividing the country's politicians



Corona virus in Germany

The statement by Helge Braun, chief of staff of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office, about the possibility of imposing restrictions on those who are not vaccinated against Corona, has deeply divided German politicians.

Brown had indicated that restrictions imposed on citizens who did not receive the vaccine “may be necessary” if the number of infections reached new levels in the coming months.

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A senior German official: Unvaccinated people may face restrictions in the country

He added, “People who are not vaccinated may be prevented from entering places such as restaurants, cinemas and indoor stadiums because the risk will remain very high.”

This statement sparked controversy in the German political arena about a possible imposition of a vaccine, and citizens demand it in certain places.

The case has proven divisive, even within Merkel’s party, as Armin Laschet, the most likely candidate to succeed her, has declared his opposition to any official or unofficial request to impose a vaccine at the present time.

Efforts to administer vaccines in Germany have slowed in recent weeks, prompting discussions about how to encourage those who have not yet received a vaccine to go to vaccination centers.

Source: “Associated Press”


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