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Riyadh, 17 Dhul-Hijjah 1442 AH, corresponding to 27 July 2021 AD
Today’s newspaper headlines:
The Emir of Jazan receives the agents and employees of the emirate, well-wishers of Eid Al-Adha
The Emir of Tabuk praises the successes of Hajj
Prince of Najran: The Kingdom is rich in archaeological and historical elements
Saud bin Nayef praises factories’ commitment to environmental requirements
Prince of Qassim receives well-wishers on Eid al-Adha
Faisal bin Khaled meets the Undersecretary of the Northern Borders Emirate for Security Affairs للشؤون
UAE condemns Houthi attempts to target the kingdom
Four citizens arrested for possession of weapons and drugs
Chants of “anti-regime” in Tehran
Clashes in front of the Tunisian parliament following a constitutional crisis
Tunisians are fed up with the struggle of the parties and the collapse of the state
Security Council session to discuss Israeli violations.. tomorrow
Protests in the streets of Lebanon… and a session for parliamentarians to name the prime minister
The newspapers focused on many files and issues in the local, regional and international affairs, where the newspaper “Al-Bilad” said in its editorial entitled (The Importance of Immunization): The successes achieved by the Kingdom with a close follow-up of its wise leadership, and the concerted efforts of the authorities concerned with confronting the Corona virus, which the world witnessed and became an example to follow. in the face of the pandemic. The Kingdom has not stopped at any stage or failed to respond to the virus with careful follow-up of all developments at the local and international levels, through an advanced and integrated health system, which accurately calculates the virus’ mutations, and the continued intensification of vaccination to include the target age groups, stressing the need to follow precautionary measures and preventive measures, And not to be negligent in applying health requirements, such as social distancing, wearing a mask, disinfecting hands on an ongoing basis, adhering to the approved protocols, and taking the vaccine through the centers spread in all regions of the Kingdom, which is actually witnessing a wide turnout.
And she continued: A few days later, specifically with the onset of August 1, the immunization decision approved by the Ministry of Health will take effect to enter activities, events, establishments and use public transportation, which requires the “Tawakulna” application to be shown to ensure the immunization status of citizens and residents, which is an important decision in the right direction. Societal commitment to complete the comprehensiveness of prevention and reduce gaps, and the culmination of great efforts in enhancing protection for lives, and the continuation of the gradual, orderly return of activities to normal.
Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper said in its editorial entitled (Deep Crises and Deteriorating Conditions): The Iranian economy has witnessed an international isolation that is expected to not end easily. This economic isolation has increased. From this angle, the problems of lack of basic and necessary services and their scarcity, which Iranians are currently facing in all regions of the country, are not new, and mainly go back decades, especially with the decline in the indicators of the economy and its fall into the abyss of intractable problems, as well as the weak volume of investments in it, and the shifting of the ratio The largest of Iranian national revenues is to implement programs that have absolutely nothing to do with the Iranian individual, including financing foreign interventions and terrorism here and there, and spreading the concept of terrorist militias in many countries, thus causing political conflicts and instability in those countries, and even extending to them economic crises. plaguing Iran.
And she continued: The water crisis and protests that the Iranian province of Khuzestan is witnessing is only a normal and expected scene. The warnings from some honest Iranian officials to lead their country against the outbreak of this crisis date back to previous years, but the Ali Khamenei regime did not take any step in terms of pumping the necessary funds. To implement successful economic reforms and save the country from its deep predicament and crisis, there was no clear interest in adopting a specific plan to relieve the Iranian people from the basic things they need in their daily life, including the expansion of the water network, and other ports that provide direct services to citizens. What is happening in Khuzestan in terms of services is a microcosm of what is happening in many different regions of the country, including neighborhoods within the capital, Tehran itself.
She indicated: The deterioration of services in general, and the aggravation of the water problem in this Iranian city, fueled the already existing protests against the ruling regime in Iran, which are similar to those that previously included all Iranian lands on a number of occasions, such as the collapse of the value of the Iranian currency, and high inflation rates. These factors have paralyzed and hit the depth of the Iranian economy and made it unable to grow, and it became suffering from frightening setbacks, and its capabilities weakened to meet the country’s necessary requirements. Because of this situation, poverty rates have spread and increased, and medical services are scarce, and this is also due to the tight control of Khamenei’s security services, and the so-called Revolutionary Guards’ singling out a large part of the gross domestic product, and Iran’s wealth, to finance this regime’s futile wars in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. As well as supporting terrorist organizations in many countries of the region.
“Okaz” newspaper explained in its editorial entitled (The Absurdity of Political Islam): Legal scholars and political experts agree on the inability of political Islam to prove itself and strengthen people’s faith in it, as it is an infidel in the idea of ​​the national state. Politics to serve the dreamy project of Islamizing the world with chaos and extremism and recruiting young people to destroy the structure of the homelands
And she added: The party project will not leave the square of its failed fascist maneuvers, because it is convinced of the role of the arajuz in theory and in practice. The contrast is clear, and the fluctuations of attitudes are witness, and its alliances with the enemies of Arabism and Islam are open and visible, and their jumping from a trench to an open trench, and the practice of corruption is a slogan for a system that claims piety and asceticism in the world. . Among the facts are the inability of the political parties of kinetic Islam to present ideal economic and social visions and models for governance, so their flaws were exposed and their lack of experience in managing the state, and they were unable to gain the trust of society, including the intellectual and cultural elites, in addition to their complete ignorance of political, parliamentary and diplomatic practices to ensure the interests of their countries that they do not reside It has weight, in light of the aspiration to achieve the imaginary nation. Perhaps the successive failures, and the worrying and repulsive transformations that the politics of political Islam have led to in a number of capitals of the Arab world, heralded the demise of the Ennahda party claiming independence from the rest of the movements subject to narrow ideologization.
In its editorial titled (Tunisia, the Brotherhood, and Regional Terror), Al-Yawm newspaper emphasized: Terrorist currents and entities that adopt extremist ideas and illegal ways to achieve their malicious goals by spreading their intellectual poison in societies and discoloration, allowing them to reach the joints concerned with decision-making. You often find containment and support from the state that sponsors all aspects of terrorism in the region and the world, and we are talking here about Iran and other countries in the region.. What is known as the Muslim Brotherhood comes as one of the most dangerous currents for all societies in which it operates and acts as another tool and arm of the state of Iran and the rest of the sponsoring countries This group, who is wearing a blanket, is far from its content.
And it indicated: Tunisian President Kais Saied’s decision to dismiss Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi, freeze all the competencies of the House of Representatives, and lift the immunity of all 217 members of the House of Representatives .. as well as the decision of the Tunisian President, in a speech he addressed to the people, while presiding over the Public Prosecution, to investigate all cases related to corruption and take over The executive branch is assisted by a government headed by a new prime minister who will be appointed later. Said said: “His decisions come within the framework of restoring peace to the state and saving Tunisia and society.”
She added: The aforementioned data, which has resulted in the scene in sister Tunisia becoming promising, with its contents of a comprehensive investigation to eradicate every individual or entity in the state that belongs, adopts or sympathizes with the destructive ideas and the brutal goals of these suspicious groups and their targets that only serve the interests of the sponsoring countries It and those who are like it have arms that deviate from every custom and law in order to achieve the agendas of Iran and the rest of the regimes that adopt this behavior as a methodology through which they achieve their criminal goals and objectives.
Al-Riyadh newspaper reported in its editorial entitled (Civilizational Heritage): The geographical diversity and cultural extension of the Kingdom and its rich cultural heritage, should top the global lists interested in monitoring and classifying this type of property and historical assets related to the cultural dimension and the rich human experience. In parallel with the importance of these lists, many government initiatives emerged over the past years with the aim of taking care of the heritage and historical sites in the Kingdom, protecting them from tampering and unconscious infringement, in addition to maintaining them and working to rehabilitate them to receive interested and visitors, before these efforts culminate in placing them within the strategic goals and axes. The Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which stipulates its endeavor to double the number of archaeological sites registered in UNESCO.
And she continued: The last of those efforts, which were successful, was the announcement by the Minister of Culture of the registration of the “Hema Cultural District” in Najran in the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as the sixth Saudi site on the global list as a cultural site of exceptional universal value for human heritage. The region is one of the world’s largest rock art complexes, home to tens of thousands of petroglyphs written in several ancient texts, and is an invaluable source for written, artistic, historical and even ethnographic documentation of climate change events during previous centuries.
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