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Riyadh, 12 Dhu al-Hijjah 1442 AH corresponding to July 22, 2021 AD
Today’s newspaper headlines:
Khaled Al-Faisal receives imams and preachers of the sanctuary and inspects sites in Mina.
The Prince of Riyadh precedes the worshipers over Princess Nouf bint Khalid.
The Minister of Interior inaugurates the security city in Jamoum.
Faisal bin Mishaal: Serving the pilgrims is a great honor that every citizen is proud of.
The Prince of Jazan notes the distinguished success of the Hajj season.
The Minister of Energy directs to address the internal networks inside the camps.
Preventing citizens from traveling to Indonesia until the epidemiological situation in it stabilizes.
Qur’an Day.. Security, safety and integrated services.
Health: 1,374 critical cases, 12 deaths.
The Ahwaz uprising is expanding… and chants against the regime in Tehran.
US diplomat: Iran’s militias in Iraq are taking the region into a major war.
The newspapers focused on many files and issues in the local, regional and international affairs, where the newspaper “Al-Riyadh” said in its editorial entitled (Peacefully Safe): As usual on all occasions, the Kingdom has never been a state of slogans or auctions. Words are preceded by actions, theorizing with action and implementation at various levels and contexts.
She added that this year’s Hajj season was the last of these evidence. When the visual identity was inaugurated “in peace and security”, the kingdom meant this noble Quranic meaning with all its concepts, with the help of a real and sincere will in the service of the guests of the merciful, without anyone or harm, It does not increase or make noise.
And she saw that from the first moments, the vision was clear, and the direction was meticulously drawn: the safety of the pilgrims and their safe return to their homes.. To achieve that vision and achieve this goal, the various government agencies began to mobilize their capabilities to achieve the supreme goal and the best goal, aware of the gravity of the situation, and the difficulty of the challenge in light of a pandemic awaiting By the scene, the universe encircled for more than a year and a half.
She indicated that the Kingdom used its expertise and solid digital infrastructure to organize an exceptional Hajj season, in which the digital aspect was pivotal in creating a unique experience in managing crowds, and in grouping pilgrims, to perform their rituals according to the best standards and health requirements, thus writing a new chapter in its distinguished journey in organizing seasons. Hajj, and to add this success to its track record in dealing with epidemics and diseases that coincided with the Hajj season in previous years, after it was able to ably impose a protective cordon on all those epidemics that prevented disrupting the ritual, or harming the guests of the merciful, at a time when the outbreak was an outbreak Diseases are a global concern.
And she concluded: Because the Hajj season represents its importance in its religious and civilized framework, all the organizational steps and procedures to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, and ensure the safety of pilgrims, were welcomed, praised and solidarity from various Islamic countries and international organizations, as the relevant regulatory bodies led by the Central Hajj Committee in Many aspects were taken into account, as it allowed the pilgrimage to “60,000” citizens and residents representing 150 nationalities, and it mobilized and harnessed all capabilities in order to enable the pilgrims to spend their rituals in “peace and security.”
Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper said in its editorial entitled (Management and Will with Digital Standards): Saudi Arabia has proven that it is capable of managing Hajj affairs in all circumstances and conditions, and has successful experiences in conducting Hajj and its services for many seasons, mainly due to the well-studied and always renewed plans, which were developed Over many years, it was developed according to the data and developments that appear at this time or that, and the recommendations that are written at the end of each Hajj season. No worker stood in the way of completing the Hajj seasons, regardless of their strength. We do not forget that the Saudi government is interested in Hajj services and has implemented various projects from time to time.
She added that the Saudi leadership, during the past decades, introduced development after another in this field, paid attention to safety standards and made them a top priority, imposed necessary restrictions to protect public health, provided exceptional services to everyone who needed them, and provided everything that makes the pilgrims safe and secure until they perform their rituals and rituals. It is easy and easy, and they receive the care and attention they deserve. Over the past years, the countries from which pilgrims come from around the world have shown the extent of their appreciation of the Saudi government for its interest in the issue of pilgrims, and what the competent authorities are doing in this important seasonal field for every Muslim on this earth, which comes from the extreme geographical borders.
She indicated that this year’s Hajj came in really exceptional circumstances, in light of the continuing strikes and the spread of the new Corona epidemic around the world, regardless of its decline due to the high rates of vaccination. In the face of this bad health atmosphere, Saudi Arabia has already taken its decision early, to limit the Hajj this year to residents on its lands, as part of its efforts to preserve the health of everyone, as well as limit the increasing spread of the virus, and reduce the number of recorded infections, as part of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to take the necessary measures. To get rid of this pandemic, through its regional and global role, to reduce this very dangerous epidemic, the mutations and strains of which still appear around the globe, despite the indicated vaccinations.
She believed that the Saudi leadership had put in place all the tools in order for the Hajj season to end this year to the fullest, without any injuries, and for the pilgrims to return to their cities safely and securely, and to adhere to the performance of the Hajj rituals, despite these difficult health conditions. Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, praised this success, which was achieved despite everything imposed by the dangerous global pandemic. The success was achieved despite the restrictions of the pandemic, and despite all the measures taken to protect pilgrims.
She explained that this distinction comes – in fact – within the framework of the efforts that Saudi Arabia has achieved in the face of Corona since the beginning of the spread of the deadly epidemic, and it has advanced over many countries in this field, as it was among the leaders of the Group of Twenty countries that successfully dealt with this pandemic, which it did not expect. Uhud, the procedures taken during this year’s Hajj, and the methods that were followed, were an integral part of the general national procedures, with some additional procedures and privacy in the areas witnessing the rituals of Hajj.
And she continued: Vaccination is rapidly progressing in the Saudi arena, and provides the necessary societal immunity, and this is what contributed to raising the operational capacity of the Two Holy Mosques, and enabling those who visit them to perform rituals in a safe healthy environment, without forgetting the electronic and government technical applications that contributed not only to supporting health conditions. For pilgrims, rather in facilitating the performance of their rituals, the work of services was an integrated system and linked with all government departments that are related to the work of Hajj and the service of the pilgrims, noting that the leadership was keen to select pilgrims in a balanced manner from the nationalities residing on Saudi lands, justice This is a Saudi strategy that its ancient and modern history bears witness to.
She concluded: The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques praised all the efforts made to complete this year’s Hajj season to the fullest, despite all the exceptional global circumstances, including what has become known as the “digital pilgrimage”, which provides all the rapid technical and advanced services needed in this the field. In summary, Saudi Arabia will not stop performing its duty that God has chosen for it, in receiving pilgrims from all sides, and providing them with all their needs, security, safety, health and exceptional services, and it will continue its role in all circumstances and times, to the fullest, based on its experiences that It has accumulated over many decades in this field, serving Islam and Muslims.
Al-Youm newspaper, in its editorial titled (Social Safety, Sacrifice and Responsibility), explained: The reassuring stages that have been reached in the Kingdom in relation to cases of infection and recovery from the emerging corona virus, as well as the availability of the vaccine for all segments of society, both citizens and residents, free of charge, which reflects the scale of efforts The permanent and unlimited sacrifices made by the state since the beginning of this pandemic, unprecedented in modern history, before which the most advanced countries in the world stood in confusion and helplessness in many of its stages. These measures, measures and strategies that come as consequences of those decisions, especially in the midst of the global economic crisis caused by the pandemic, have always made the safety of the human soul a priority and above all else.
And she said: When we examine the prospects related to what was announced as implementing the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques – may God protect him – the General Directorate of Passports began extending the validity of residencies for expatriates outside the Kingdom, and extending the validity of visit visas, exit and return visas, automatically without fees or financial consideration. To the date of 01/23 1443 AH corresponding to 08/31/21/ and how this extension, which was issued by His Excellency the Minister of Finance, comes within the framework of the continuous efforts taken by the Kingdom’s government to deal with the effects and consequences of the global pandemic (Covid 19), and within the precautionary and preventive measures that It guarantees the safety of citizens and residents – God willing – and contributes to mitigating the economic and financial impacts, and the Passports confirm that the extension will be done automatically in cooperation with the National Information Center without the need to visit the headquarters of the Passports Departments.. These aforementioned data draw the features of other indications of the size of the efforts exerted towards Guarantee and health of the community.
It concluded: The Public Prosecution affirmed that it is prohibited to violate the precautionary and preventive measures established for gatherings; To limit the spread of the Corona pandemic, and that the penalties include the person responsible for the gathering, the owner of the facility, and every person who attended these gatherings, called for them or caused them, here we are in front of one of the frameworks that constitute the main pillar from which the measures and precautions that indicate the keenness and seriousness of the state in achieving the safety of society And that the responsibility is shared and awareness is the weapon of the stage and the way to salvation.
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