GB WhatsApp is the new instant messaging app


Despite the conditions imposed on it during the last period of the original version of WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, the new and modified instant messaging application, was able to attract many users around the world despite the conditions imposed on it during the last period of the mother version, but the WhatsApp application The new GB WhatsApp for instant messaging was able to attract many users, whether Android or iOS, due to it addressing some of the problems experienced by users of the regular version, in addition to providing a number of features that they may need and do not find in the basic version, which prompted the Facebook owner The famous application warned users of being banned in the event they downloaded that copy, which they described as causing some security issues that could lead to users’ accounts being banned.

Recover deleted WhatsApp GB

Although the WhatsApp application, the official version, warned its users of banning its chat application due to the spread of an unofficial version of the application, and required all users to search for official platforms only to download and download its application and run it, many users of the GBWhatsApp version see that there are many features in it, and It represents a powerful alternative to the regular version, especially as it offers the feature of automatic replies to messages, the ability to retrieve deleted messages from conversations, in addition to a number of other features that are not yet available in the official version, whether in Android phones or iPhones.

Features and download of GBWhatsApp

One of the most important reasons for the spread of the application during the recent period, is the design of the program that is very similar in name to the official application, which made smartphone owners assume that it was developed by the official team, especially since GB WhatsApp was able to gain traction among fans all over the world. While many see that it provided them with many features and requirements that are not present in the regular version, in addition to providing the feature of recovering recycles. And hide access marks, hide blue marks, change themes, open more than one WhatsApp account, and many other great features that you will not find in the original WhatsApp application.


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