France’s first gold in the Games and fourth for the United States


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Tokyo: Frenchman Romain Cannon awarded France the first gold at the Tokyo Summer Olympics by winning the sword competition, while American Lee Kiefer ended a busy day for her country by gifting her the fourth yellow metal.

Canon (24 years), who was chosen at the last minute to participate in the games in the final, outperformed Hungarian Gergeli Selkozy 15-10 to give the latter his country’s second medal after Aaron Selge in Al-Hussam.

This is France’s first gold medal in fencing since Athens 2004.

The bronze went to Ukrainian Igor Rizlin after an exciting confrontation with Italian Andrea Santarelli 15-12.

France raised its tally to three medals, one of each colour.

Kiefer ended a busy day for her country by winning the gold medal in the fencing weapon, at the expense of Inna Deriglazova of the Russian Olympic Committee 15-13, to raise the yield of the United States of this metal to four, all of which were achieved on Sunday.

The bronze went to the other Russian participant under a neutral flag, Larisa Korobnikova, after she defeated Italy’s Alychi Volpi 15-14.


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