France threatens to expel employees who are not vaccinated against “Covid-19”


France threatens to expel employees who are not vaccinated against “Covid-19”

The average daily vaccination exceeds 688,000 doses

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French Prime Minister Jean Castix and Health Minister Olivier Veran follow the vaccination campaign at a center yesterday (AFP)

Paris: «Middle East»

French Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne said yesterday (Tuesday) that after Parliament voted (Sunday) on a controversial decision to expand the scope of the health certificate, any employee may be subject to dismissal if he does not submit it to prove that he has received the vaccine against “Covid-19”.
“An employee should not think he can’t be fired,” Bourne added, after a parliament vote that confirmed the possibility of firing people who do not respect the mandatory vaccination or health certificate. “We are within the provisions of the labor law.”
The French deputies adopted the obligation to vaccinate workers in some professions, including health workers, and to expand the scope of work with the health certificate, the day after a new day of mobilization called by opponents of these measures, which they consider restricting freedoms, according to the French press agency.
The text that was voted makes it mandatory to submit a health certificate (negative test for “Covid” or a certificate of vaccination or recovery from the disease) in most places open to the public such as cafes, cinemas, trains and planes… a measure that also affects people working in these places. It will be implemented in early August.
The deputies are strict about the exchange in the event that a health certificate is not presented or in the event of non-compliance with the mandatory vaccination, and this – according to the Ministry of Labor – will provide less protection for the concerned employees.
And the minister continued, “We wanted in law to regulate the way in which we can resort to the exchange by saying that it cannot be done before two months and that it be met with compensation for the employee, but the Senate overturned this provision.”
And data from the American “Johns Hopkins University” and the “Bloomberg” news agency showed yesterday that 4.70 million doses of vaccines against the emerging “Corona” virus have been administered in France.
According to the data announced today, the average vaccination rate in France is estimated at 688,272 doses per day. At this rate, France is expected to take one month to vaccinate 75% of the country’s population with a two-dose vaccine. The vaccination campaign against “Corona” began in France about 29 weeks ago, according to the German news agency.
The data showed that the total number of confirmed cases of the virus in France reached 6.06 million, and the number of deaths reached 111,851 cases. France announced the registration of the first case of the virus in the country about a year and 26 weeks ago.
It is noteworthy that the doses of the vaccine and the numbers of the population being vaccinated are estimates that depend on the type of vaccine the country gives, that is, whether it is a single dose or two doses.


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