For the first time… Belqis releases the song “Jabbar” in the Lebanese dialect (video) | news


Singer Belqis recently released her latest song, “Jabbar” in the Lebanese dialect, and that is “YouTube”.

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Balqis is the first Gulf singer to sing in the Lebanese dialect, and she has previously presented a number of songs in different dialects, whether in Iraqi, Moroccan or Egyptian, recently by completing the recording of the song “Diplomatic”, which is scheduled to be released during the coming period.

The song “Jabbar” is written and composed by Ramy El Shafei and arranged by Omar Sabbagh.

Singer Belqis recently filmed the song “Jabbar” in Beirut with the Lebanese director Elie Fahd, which won the audience’s admiration, as the song’s viewership reached more than 100,000, a few hours after its release; It also occupied the Twitter trend inside Egypt in the first hours of its launch.

In the coming period, Belqis is preparing to present a concert at the Nafoura Theater in the Egyptian Opera House on the twelfth of next August with Maestro Ahmed Taha; In addition, she is preparing to release a song in the Egyptian dialect for the first time with the composer Aziz Al-Shafei, who wrote and composed the song.

It is noteworthy that Balqis released two songs last month, “Maybe”, which she presented as a duet with the Iraqi singer Saif Nabil, and the number of her views has exceeded so far to more than 75 million views.

And the song “Anti”, written by Meshary Ibrahim, composed by Abdel Aziz Elwes and distributed by Ali Al-Matrouk, and Belqis collaborated on the two songs with Lebanese director Dan Haddad.

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