Finnish company HMD launches three new Nokia phones


HMD Global, the maker of Nokia phones, today announced three new phones that feature completely different audio enhancements. The new Nokia XR20 is designed to withstand the toughest operating conditions. The Nokia C30 is the star of the C series, with the biggest screen and biggest battery yet. The Nokia 6310 is a new member of the original family of phones, with all the classic features but with modern touches. Today, the company celebrates offering the largest range of phone accessories ever, through four distinct lines of audio products: Go – Micro – Comfort – Clarity.

“We are working to evolve customer experience and requirements for device durability and longevity,” says Florian Seche, CEO of HMD Global. “We carried out a study of global trends and found that 73% of consumers want to keep their phones for longer, and are preoccupied with the need to maintain their devices over time. At HMD Global, we’re empowering people to avoid early hardware replacement and encourage more sustainable consumption through our development of phone longevity.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce the Nokia XR20, which has passed the toughest tests and has a Scandinavian design that suits the requirements of individuals and businesses alike.

Today, we are also expanding the portfolio of the updated X and C phones with their two flagship models. Our goal is to provide our customers with products they love, trust and want to keep for longer.”

Built to stand up to the toughest conditions: The Nokia XR20 is a powerful addition to the X series

Enduring extreme temperatures, a drop of 1.8 metres, a full hour underwater and more tests, the new Nokia XR20 is built to withstand the harshest conditions of everyday life. This durable phone comes in a stylish and timeless design. So, while you’ll probably never use your phone to its full potential, you can rest assured that the Nokia XR20 can handle more than you ever asked for.

The phone features one of the strongest screens for added peace of mind: Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™ -; It is one of the strongest types of glass in existence to date. To test its durability, Brazilian football legend Roberto Carlos and Freestyle World Champion Lisa Zimouche subjected the new Nokia XR20 to a series of tough tests. From being put in icy waters to kicking a phone and screen on a concrete cobblestone soccer field.

Not only that, but Carlos returned that famous shot of his own from the Brazil-France match in 1997 to test the durability of the device; Three Nokia XR20 devices were placed on the goal list for free kicks by the football.

“A lot of people have asked me to retake that free kick from 1997 over the past 20 years, but this time the test is different, so I had to accept the challenge,” says Roberto Carlos, the legend of Brazil and Real Madrid. “And certainly no phone can survive the power of football. “I didn’t think the Nokia XR20 could handle my kick. I may have retired now, but I know I still kicked hard, and the result is great.”

This phone is for you today and in the future as well. In addition to the long-term features of the X Series, the Nokia XR20 comes with four years of monthly security updates and three years of operating system updates.

The Nokia XR20 also features a reliable 48MP + 13MP dual camera with ZEISS Optics, OZO spatial audio and innovative imaging solutions. And the all-new SpeedWarp mode lets you capture tons of adventure in an exciting, compact montage. Pushing the boundaries of mid-range, it’s also packed with 5G speeds, 15W wireless charging, and superior durability you’ll love.

The Nokia C30 is designed to capture your big ideas

The Nokia phone manufacturer offers two of its first phones in the smartphone lineup; The Nokia C30 is the star of the popular C series, and it comes with the biggest battery and biggest screen yet in a Nokia smartphone.

The ever-increasing demand for larger screens sees 82% of consumers looking for 6 and 7-inch smartphones, up by 96% by 2025. The Nokia C30’s huge 6.82-inch HD+ display stands out to meet customer demands.

Business owners and busy days require a battery to meet these uses. In the Nokia C30, the battery has been increased to 6000mAh, which is enough for three days on a single charge – so you can boost your skills, make important calls and enjoy premium quality that only durability can provide. The Nokia C30 also has a durable polycarbonate body that you can trust.

The new Nokia 6310 combines nostalgia with the essentials of the present

It is the latest in the original Nokia family of phones with new modern features. It has the original and iconic look of the Nokia 6310, with connectivity, extended battery life and a durable body built to last in the iconic Nokia classic. It also includes a game of Snake!

The Nokia 6310 is an updated and rejuvenated phone that makes your screen time simpler and more fun than ever. With bigger buttons and a wider display, you can read messages, call your loved ones and find the apps you want easily and quickly. And with new and improved enlarged menus and larger font options, the phone is more comfortable than ever.

Upgrade your Nokia audio accessories to a level you love and trust and keep your phone longer

By introducing Nokia’s advanced audio features, the new accessories provide customers with trusted audio on the go. It includes four distinct new directions; Go, Micro, Comfort and Clarity each provide maximum value through unique features.

Go Easier Mobility: High-value products that offer the highest quality at the lowest prices

Micro Smaller Size: Meets the requirements of compact size.

Comfort: The result of consumers’ search for optimal comfort in wearables

Clarity superior sound clarity: premium quality earphones that incorporate the latest technology

And with the launch of the Nokia XR20 and Nokia Clarity Earbuds Pro, which are characterized by sound quality, outstanding performance and a long-lasting battery. And by combining dual microphones, ENC noise canceling, and Qualcomm® cVc™ (ANC) technology, ANC technology cancels out background noise for crystal-clear sound for both calls and music.

Alexandre Lambek, Head of Accessories at HMD Global, commented: “Like so many of our smartphones, the excellence in Nokia accessories is the result of industry-leading quality testing. It has allowed us to see how Nokia smartphone users and users around the world see their development Our portfolio of phones and accessories. Backed by a network of strong partnerships like Binatone that allow us to provide the best for our growing customer base, inspired by nature and shelved with soy-based ink to protect, each of these new line of products offers premium life experiences at great prices.”

Trusted partnerships to ensure best-in-class experiences

Today marks the beginning of two new partnerships between Nokia and two major industry leaders; Spotify gives everyone who owns a Nokia smartphone access to 70 million music files, songs and 2.6 million podcasts.

“We are always proud to partner with some of the world’s best-known names among our customers,” says Stephen Taylor, Director of Marketing, HMD Global. Today, we are adding two new names to this extended family of leading brands that deliver the most innovative experiences for Nokia phone owners. We represent it and our constant endeavor to cooperate with those we trust, so that you always trust us.”


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