FilGoal | News | Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Amal Adam finishes the bow and arrow ranking in the penultimate position and awaits a fiery confrontation


Amal Adam, the Egyptian competitor in the bow and arrow competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, is waiting for a fiery competition, in the 64th women’s singles, after she ranked penultimate in the ranking stage.

Amal scored 570 points to finish 63rd, and meets Korean Jang Minhee, who won the world championship before, at dawn on July 27.

Amal nevertheless achieved the best season score of 570 points.

The confrontation will take place at 4:27 am on Wednesday

The competition witnessed the Korean, Ahn San, the leader in the ranking, achieving a new Olympic record by achieving 680 points, to break the record of Ukrainian Lina Hersimenko and the steadfast one from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, which was 673 points.

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It can be viewed here instead of the interactive agenda here


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