Fifi Abdo: I am coming to this world to get spoiled | news


Actress Fifi Abdo sent a message to her fans and fans in her latest appearance through a video she posted on Instagram.

And Fifi Abdo said in the video, “Oh, I missed you and I told you, I came to this world to spoil, and I wish from God and sweet eyes that I am spoiled, and Lord, if I have another life, I will spoil in it. A sweet and happy life that I am happy with because I am happy with my life.”

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And Fifi Abdo added, “Now I am going to be happy with my life. Please pray for me that I am happy and stay good in my life, and God willing, I will have good days.”

And Fifi Abdo went through a health problem after she was exposed to a medical error, because of a “wrong injection” in the back area, and she appeared in a video and told her fans what happened to her: “Good evening from Egypt, the mother of the world. I’m having surgery.”

On the other hand, Fifi Abdo celebrated her granddaughter’s graduation from school a few days ago and shared her joy with her fans. See.

It is noteworthy that the latest work of Fifi Abdo is the series “Kingdom of Ghajar” with Houria Farghali, which was shown in the month of Ramadan 2019, with the co-starring of Sameh Al-Saraiti, Mayar Al-Ghaiti, Hazem Samir, written by Mohamed Al-Ghaiti and directed by Abdel Aziz Hashad.

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