Facebook is working to mix the real and virtual worlds


Facebook announced that it has formed a team that is working on creating the so-called “metaverse” or “metaverse universe”, in which the real and virtual worlds blend to the point of merging, a vision stemming from science fiction based in the field of video games.

The founder of “Facebook” Mark Zuckerberg considered that “Metaverse” represents the future of this social network.

“I hope in five years people will look at us as (Metaverse) above all,” he said in an interview with The Verge last week.

This task will be handled by the virtual and augmented reality department “Facebook Reality Labs”, which is run by Andrew Bosworth, which is the unit currently responsible for the “Oculus” helmets used mainly for recreational purposes…so far.

Facebook has hired people working on the Instagram app, in the video game division of Facebook Gaming, and at Oculus.

Zuckerberg wrote on his personal account on Facebook: “To achieve our vision for metaverse, we need to build the fabric that connects digital spaces in order to bypass physical restrictions and allow easy movement between them.”



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