Ennahda leader attacks Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath channels after covering the protests in Tunisia


The leader of the Brotherhood’s Ennahda movement, Noureddine El-Beheiry, attacked Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath channels after covering the protests in Tunisia, threatening supporters of Tunisian President Kais Saied that they would pay the price.

The leader of the Ennahda movement said today, Sunday, “Your premeditated, heinous crimes that have reached the point of burning, stalking, attempts to murder, looting and theft indicate your national and moral downfall, and your failure to implement your treacherous criminal scheme aimed at plunging the country into the quagmire of sedition and coup at a time when our people are fighting a fierce war against the epidemic. And you will pay the price for your crimes before the courts and by virtue of the law.”

He continued by saying, “Those who incited violence and murder, parties and individuals from the Abeer group, the People’s Movement and the Watd, and those who attribute themselves to the President of the Republic, must bear the responsibility for the project of chaos and coup supported from abroad and from Al-Hadath and Al-Arabiya channels, which failed and ended.”

Storming the headquarters of the Renaissance

This comes as protesters stormed, today, Sunday, the headquarters of the Tunisian Ennahda movement in Tozeur, Kairouan and Sousse.

In the details, protesters gathered today, in front of the headquarters of the Ennahda movement in the coastal governorate of Sousse, and uprooted the party’s banner, amid chants and calls calling for the departure of the Brotherhood and their leader in Tunisia, Rashid Ghannouchi, and demanding the overthrow of the regime.

The protesters gathered in front of the Ennahda headquarters in Tunisia, and they surrounded it, to express their anger at the movement’s policy and its performance in managing the country’s affairs. Fighting lives,” and “The people want the downfall of the regime.” One of them also pulled out the party banner and brought it down, amid warm applause and joy from those present.

In another scene that reflects the increase in anger and frustration towards the Ennahda movement, protesters in the southern governorate of Tozeur stormed the headquarters of the Ennahda movement and burned it and destroyed its contents.

Drop the banner of the Renaissance Movement

In the central province of Sidi Bouzid, angry protesters brought down an Ennahda banner and set it on fire, writing in place of the banner “Down with Ennahda” and “Free, Free Tunisia.”

Many Tunisians hold Ennahda responsible for the deteriorating economic, social and health conditions, due to its failure to manage the country’s affairs since its entry into power in 2011. They see the solution to saving the country as its exit from power.

Today, protests took place in the coastal governorate of Sousse, Sfax (south) and El Kef (northwest), and slogans were raised calling for the downfall of the ruling class and the formation of a new government, on the 64th anniversary of Republic Day.

In the capital, the authorities closed all roads and outlets leading to Parliament, Habib Bourguiba Street and the main streets near it, to disrupt the arrival of protesters.


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