El Hefnawy is looking for a new gold medal in swimming |


After qualifying in boxing, Algerian Abdelhafid Benchebla will compete in the round of 16 against Russian Muslim Gadzimagomedov in the 81-91 kg weight category, who is witnessing a confrontation and is witnessing a 81-91 kg confrontation with Moroccan Younes Baala with New Zealand’s David Niika.

The two Jordanian brothers Ziad Ashish will start their competitions, as boxing is one of the favorite sports among Jordanians. The first plays with Mervin Claire from Mauritius in the 63-69 kg weight, and the second with Ecuadorean Julio Cesar Castillo Torres in the 81-91 kg weight. Ziyad said before the tournament, “It is a great thing for me to participate with my brother Hussein in the Olympics. Now we are preparing very seriously to prove the development of Jordanian boxing in the Tokyo Olympics and to present the best levels.”

Among the women, Moroccan Omaima Belhabib will play with Ukrainian Anna Lysenko in the weight 64-99 in the round of 16. The Tunisian team is competing in the 49fx race in the sail, the Egyptian Kholoud Al-Mansi in the Laser Radial race and Ali Badawi in the Laser race.

In the crossbow, the Tunisian Rehab Al-Walid will play against the Mexican Ida Roman in the women’s singles, the Egyptian Youssef Tolba will participate against the Kazakh Denis Gankin, while the Egyptian Basmala Al-Salamouni will play in the triathlon. In table tennis, Egyptian Dina Mishref plays with Dutch Brett Ireland in the third round, and her compatriot Omar Assar plays with Swede Matthias Falk.

The other Egyptian, Duha Hani, is continuing her singles career and is competing in the Zoeji competition. In judo, the Lebanese Nassif Elias is awaiting the competition after several international participations, when he competes in the -81-kg weight category with the South Korean Songho Lee, and the Egyptian Mohamed Abdel-Aal plays with Hungarian Attila Ongvari. Morocco competes in beach volleyball and Tunisia mixed in the 10m air pistol.


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