Eid brings you back two holidays.. Mohamed Hamaki flirting with Sherihan after the play “Coco Chanel” news


Singer Mohamed Hamaki expressed his admiration for the artist Sherihan and her new play “Coco Chanel”, through influential spinning words, which he posted on his account on the social networking site Instagram.

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Hamaki said, “The feast is not complete except when we see the people we love, and I felt it very much when I watched “Coco Chanel” as if you were certain, as if you had never come off the stage. .

And he added, “The feast of your return is two holidays, Sherihan. Thank you for this great work. Thank you for your return. Please don’t forget to be absent from us again, and I want to thank all the mighty team that worked on an Egyptian theater show with international standards.”

It is noteworthy that the play “Coco Chanel” represents Sherihan’s return to the theater after a break of nearly 30 years. The play is now shown on the Shahid platform. Sherihan’s starring Engy Wejdan, Samar Morsi, Tamer Habib, Hani Adel and others, directed by Hadi El Bagoury.

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